32 Dead in Bangkok Floods

Thirty two people have died so far in deadly floods which are racing through the streets of Bangkok and other parts of Thailand.

The death toll was released after rising waters started to swamp the capital.

Most of the victims were swept to their deaths or killed in accidents caused by the churning waters.

Motorists were swept from roads and bridges as the water came in.

The floods have caused many people to leave their villages, after homes were flooded in remote areas.
More than 1.4 million residents have lost their dwellings to the rising floodwaters, which have hit 30 out of Thailand’s 76 provinces.

Bangkok’s main problem is its overflowing waterways, which criss-cross the capital in narrow canals, known as klongs.

Around 4,000 cubic metres of water per second has been flowing into the capital’s Chao Phraya river, which feeds the klongs.

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