Bangkok Floods Reach Airport

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Floodwaters have breached barriers protecting Bangkok’s second airport as the city’s flood crisis deepens.

The worst floods to hit the country for 60 years have crippled the capital’s infrastructure and rendered Don Muang airport unusable.

Many services have been suspended until next month.

Other areas of the airport are being used to house residents forced out of their homes due to flood damage.

Airports of Thailand chairman Sumet Photimanee said: “We think we can manage the situation.

“Some areas of the airport are flooded and we are trying to drain water from inner areas, which are still operating as normal.”

Bangkok’s biggest airport, Suvarnabhumi, is unaffected by floods and remains open and operational.

Floodwaters have been pouring into the Don Muang district, located on Bangkok’s northernmost outskirts, for several days.

The waist-high water has entered homes and blocked streets running to the airport.

Six other districts in the north of the city are at risk of serious flooding, with the government warning residents to move precious belongings to higher ground.

So far, flooding has swamped a third of the country’s provinces and killed 366 people over the past three months.

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has come under pressure to put effective emergency contingency plans into place.

A public holiday was declared in the affected areas to help people recover from the damage.

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