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Benin Battles Rising Sea Levels

Video Report: Rising sea levels due to climate change in the Gulf of Guinea are swallowing up large partions of Benin’s coastline. The United Nations says the West African country’s coast has retreated by 400 metres in the last 40

Benin Battles Cholera after Floods

Video Report: Cholera, the water-born disease, has become a growing problem in Benin after weeks of flooding that devastated two-thirds of the country. The floods, which struck earlier this month, had killed at least 60 people and displaced more than

Parasitic Disease Kills 260 in Sudan

KHARTOUM — A rare parasitic disease has killed 260 people in southern Sudan in the past year, a figure that is threatening to double in the coming months, the World Health Organisation said on Thursday. “Since September last year, 260

It’s Black Cloud Season in Cairo

Cairo — Every year a noxious black smog hangs over Egypt as the seasonal burning of rice straw by farmers begins, and with it comes a surge in allergic reactions and lung infections. The inky haze lasts from October to

Africa’s “Wormwood” Acid Lakes

Video Report: Acid rain has reacted with rocks in open mines in Africa to release toxic metals into the water which itself has become dillute Sulphuric Acid. Experts say the toxic waters are rising at an alarming rate and are

Nigeria: 500,000 Displaced by Floods

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has confirmed that about 500,000 Nigerians have been displaced due to the devastating floods so far recorded in the year as at last month. The Director General of the Agency Alhaji Mohammed Sani-Sidi has

Kenya Loses Half It’s Wildlife

Nairobi — Before the Mau forestland rush, the dark- green rain forest was a showcase for the diversity of life. There was hardly a break in the canopy of giant trees, and virtually every acre was alive with all kinds

Togo Floods: 21 dead, 82,000 affected

Flooding in the small West African nation of Togo has killed 21 people and affected more than 82,000 in recent months, the government said on Friday, adding that victims were in need of aid. “The number of people affected by

Africa: Lake Chad is Disappearing

The future of rapidly shrinking Lake Chad will have a profound impact on peace and security in central Africa and coordinated action is needed to save it, Chad’s prime minister said on Friday. “Saving Lake Chad requires us all to

Africa: Floods Affect 1.8 Million

Over 1.8 million people have been affected by floods in Central and West Africa, which have also killed nearly 400 people, the United Nations humanitarian arm reported today, adding that Benin remains the country hardest hit by the disaster. Elisabeth