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Drought and Famine: Ethiopia’s deadly Cycle Continues

As Ethiopia remains caught in a deadly cycle of drought and famine, aid agencies warn that erratic rainfall and ever-rising food costs are compounding the problems carried over from last year’s drought to leave 6.2 million people in need of

Wild Winds whip up fierce forest fires on Spain’s Canary Islands

LA PALMA, Canary Islands — Strong winds fanned forest fires for a second day Sunday on the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma, and firefighters were forced to retreat as flames raged out of control near two towns. Prime Minister

Climate change to hit Africa fisheries hard-study

African nations will be the most vulnerable to the impact of climate change on fisheries, ranging from damage to coral reefs to more severe river floods, according to a study of 132 nations on Thursday. Angola and the Democratic Republic

Rabies Plague kills over 50 Angolan children in 3 months

LUANDA – Rabies has killed over 50 children in Angola’s capital Luanda in the past three months, raising alarm in a city with thousands of stray dogs whose infected bite can transmit the virus to humans, a health official said

Pollution trial opens in Ivory Coast

ABIDJAN (AFP) – The trial opened in Ivory Coast on Monday of 12 people charged with involvement in a 2006 toxic waste scandal which killed 17 Ivorians and poisoned thousands. Nine of the 12 were in court to face a

Drought and soaring food prices threaten millions of Somalis

ROME (Reuters) – Soaring food prices, a devalued currency and drought mean millions of people in Somalia cannot feed themselves, the United Nations have said. And the crisis will get much worse if April-June rains fail or are well below

Norway gives Tanzania funds to fight climate change

OSLO (AFP) – A Norwegian aid package will give 500 million kroner (100 million dollars, 63 million euros) to Tanzania over five years to tackle climate change and deforestation, Norway’s government said Monday. Tanzania has one of the fastest rates

Extreme weather starving Uganda’s pastoralists

The semi-arid region has typically experienced drought since the 1960s, every five to 10 years. But since 2000, the phenomenon has become more frequent and more disastrous. Karamoja, which has no irrigation system, has suffered extreme drought for two years

Arsenic poisoning water wells

OUAGADOUGOU, With signs that people are developing diseases linked to arsenic poisoning, the government said that it had turned off pumps to 11 deep-water wells in areas in the north of Burkina Faso. “People were coming to our health centres