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Brazil: 500 Dead More Rain to Come

NOVA FRIBURGO, Brazil (AFP) – Brazilians braced for more rains Friday fearing further catastrophic landslides, after walls of muddy water claimed over 500 lives in was reported to be the country’s worst-ever flood disaster. As rescue teams and residents combed

Brazil Flood Deaths Rise To 432

At least 432 people have died and dozens are missing after floods and landslides swept through mountain towns in southeastern Brazil. Many homes were washed away as torrents of water and mud rushed down hillsides.

Brazil Floods & Mudslides Kill 160

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) – Floods and landslides devastated mountain towns near Rio de Janeiro, killing 147 people and bringing the death toll on Wednesday from heavy rains in southern Brazil to at least 160. At least 122 people were

New England Battles Blizzards

BOSTON (Reuters) – New England battled blizzard conditions on Wednesday with the second major snowstorm of the winter season pummeling parts of the region with nearly two feet of snow by morning commuting time. Snow fall measurements climbed throughout the

Canada: 2010 Hottest Year Ever

Canada had its warmest year on record in 2010, according to the country’s environmental agency, with the biggest impact seen in the Arctic region. The national average temperature for the year was 3 degrees Celsius above normal, based on preliminary

Brazil Floods And Mudslides Kill 13

SAO PAULO – Brazilian authorities say heavy rains have triggered mudslides and floods in southeastern Brazil, killing at least 13 people. Sao Paulo state civil defense officials say 11 people died when their houses collapsed because of mudslides and two

Haiti’s Cholera Epidemic Yet To Peak

The cholera outbreak in Haiti that has claimed 3,651 lives has not peaked, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said. The deadly disease that also infected 171,304 people.

Warming to Devastate Glaciers

Global warming may wipe out three-quarters of Europe’s alpine glaciers by 2100 and hike sea levels by four metres by 3000 through melting the West Antarctic icesheet, two studies published at the weekend said. The research places the spotlight on

5.9 Quake Hits Chile No Tsunami

A 5.9 magnitude earthquake has struck central Chile, about 129 kilometres north north-west of Concepcion, the US Geological Survey reported, but there were no reports of any damage. “There have been no reports of any injuries or damage to infrastructure,”

Did Bacteria Eat Gulf Methane?

Last week The Associated Press published an article claiming that bacteria ate all the Methane gas emitted by the BP Oil spill disaster in just four months. This article was based on a scientific report produced by various authors one

Catastrophic Warming Unstoppable

Carbon dioxide already emitted into the atmosphere will keep contributing to global warming for centuries, eventually causing a huge Antarctic ice sheet to collapse and lift sea levels, Canadian scientists said on Sunday. Even the complete abandonment of fossil fuels

Louisiana Coastline Heavily Oiled

(CNN) — More than eight months after an oil rig explosion launched the biggest oil disaster in U.S. history, Louisiana officials say they’re still finding thick layers of oil along parts of the state’s coastline. “Every day, this shoreline is

1,000’s Fish Die in South Carolina

CHARLESTON, S.C., Jan. 6 (UPI) — Hundreds of thousands of dead fish washed ashore on the South Carolina coast Thursday morning, littering the sand along the tide line, wildlife officials said. State wildlife biologists say early indications are that it’s

Haiti Cholera Response Shameful

A UN spokeswoman has blasted the response to an appeal to counter the deadly cholera epidemic in Haiti as “shameful” with the world body receiving only a quarter of the funding it needs. “Out of the $174 million, the UN

Haiti Camps: Girls Rampantly Raped

One year after a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, women and girls staying in the country’s refugee camps live without adequate food, water, shelter and medical care. And when the darkness falls, the rapists come. According to a report from Amnesty

Floods Kill at Least 35 in Brazil

Heavy flooding has killed at least 35 people and forced more than 30,000 out of their homes across Brazil, officials say. Officials in the city of Jundiai said four people from the same family, including two girls, died when their