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Pirates Disrupt Climate Research

Piracy in the Indian Ocean is hampering the efforts of climate change researchers to the point where they have had to call in the Australian Navy. Pirate activity off the coast of Somalia has increased dramatically over recent years, so

Poland Says No To Nuclear

..Poland should turn to offshore wind farms for safer, cheaper energy and more jobs instead of pushing ahead with plans to build its first nuclear power facility by 2020, a study said on Wednesday. “Either we’ll choose the dangerous atom

Warming Causes Weather Disasters

LONDON (AlertNet) – Scientists tackled the highly debated, and somewhat perplexing, relationship between climate change and weather disasters at the recent launch of a U.S. magazine series on the subject, concluding that an indisputable connection exists between the two. “The

Mount Etna Ash Closes Airports

Southern Italian airports were on Saturday closed due to ash from Mount Etna, forcing traffic to be diverted to Palermo, the ANSA news agency said. Catania airport on the east coast of the island of Sicily was not expected to

Romania Hit By Flash Floods

Video Report: Torrential rains and flooding damage houses and rip down power lines, forcing more than 250 people to evacuate in Sibiu County, Romania. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Killer Cucumbers Claim More Lives

BERLIN (Reuters) – A killer bacteria linked to contaminated cucumbers claimed a 15th victim in Germany on Tuesday and its first fatality abroad when a Swedish woman who had been travelling in Germany died, authorities said. One of the largest

Millions To Be Gripped By Hunger

Oxfam called on Tuesday for an overhaul of the world’s food system, warning that in a couple of decades, millions more people would be gripped by hunger due to population growth and climate-hit harvests. A “broken food system” means that

Ash Halts Hundreds Of Flights

Airlines have grounded about 500 flights after ash from an Icelandic volcano swept over Britain and towards northern Europe in a fresh travel nightmare for thousands of passengers. Barely a year after a similar eruption in Iceland forced the biggest

Ash Cloud Grounds UK Flights

Eighty-six Loganair and East Airways flights have been shelved because of the density of the ash thrown out by the erupting Grimsvötn volcano. New rules mean airlines can now carry on flying through lower densities of ash but much of

Volcano Shuts Greenland Airspace

A portion of airspace over Greenland has been closed due to ash from an erupting Icelandic volcano, Danish air traffic control officials said. Naviair spokeswoman Helle Kogsbell says authorities had closed some of Greenland airspace late Sunday “due to the