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Volcanic Ash Could Shut UK Airspace

Ash from an erupting Icelandic volcano that has already grounded planes locally could enter UK airspace by Tuesday, forecasters have warned. The Grimsvotn volcano began erupting on Sunday, causing flights to be cancelled at Iceland’s main Keflavik airport after it

Volcano Halts Iceland’s Air Traffic

A new volcanic eruption in Iceland shut down the country’s airspace, a year after the eruption of nearby Eyjafjoell caused aviation chaos across Europe. Experts and aviation authorities said, however, that the impact of the Grimsvoetn eruption should not be

Heathrow Plane Struck By Lightning

Video Report: A man was lucky enough to capture this footage of two bolts of lightning striking an airplane minutes before it landed at Heathrow airport. All five hundred passengers on-board the Emirates Airbus A380 escaped unharmed after two powerful

10 Dead As Two Quakes Hit Spain

At least ten people, including a child, have been killed and dozens more hurt by two strong earthquakes in southern Spain. A 4.4-magnitude tremor hit the small town of Lorca, in the region of Murcia on Wednesday afternoon.

UN Warns No Country Is Immune

..UN chief Ban Ki-moon this week warned that no country or city was immune from natural or man-made disasters, as a report underlined the soaring, trillion dollar, economic risks the world faces. Ban told a four-day UN Conference on disaster

Romans Rattled By Quake Prediction

ROME — Rome wasn’t built in a day, but many Romans feared it might be destroyed in one — on May 11, 2011. The Italian capital was gripped by a psychosis over a purported prediction by a now-dead seismologist that

Population Boom Fuels Food Crisis

The United Nations says the world’s population is growing faster than expected and predicts it will hit seven billion by the end of this year. It warns there are particular risks for Africa, where the population is expected to triple

Oceans Set To Rise By 1.6 Metres

Warming in the Arctic occurring at twice the global average is on track to lift sea levels by up to 1.6 metres (5.3 feet) by 2100, a far steeper jump than predicted a few years ago, a consortium of scientists

World To Lose 230 M Hect Of Forest

The world stands to lose 230 million hectares of forest by 2050 with drastic consequences for the climate, biodiversity and the global economy, the WWF wildlife campaign group said on Wednesday. “Those responsible — policy-makers and industry — are sawing

Italy Halts Nuclear Programme

Italy’s Senate on Wednesday approved a proposal to halt plans to return to nuclear power following the disaster in Japan, as a top minister said Rome would seek guidance from the European Union on the way forward. The government’s proposal