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Recession Cuts EU CO2 By 7.2%

Recession drove European Union greenhouse gas emissions down by a record 7.2 percent in 2009, putting the bloc ahead of schedule in making promised cuts, EU data showed on Wednesday. “The strength of the 2009 recession affected all economic sectors

John Hirst Receives Death Threats

The head of the Met Office has revealed that he has received death threats from climate change sceptics. John Hirst, the organisation’s chief executive, made the revelation during a talk to climate scientists and economists about the organisation’s work.

BP Face Angry Gulf Fishermen

BP faced protests from angry fishermen and disgruntled shareholders on Thursday at its first annual general meeting since the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The meeting took place almost a year since the explosion on the Deepwater

Germany Approves CO2 Storage

Germany’s cabinet approved a draft law on storing carbon dioxide underground on Wednesday after months of debate as Europe’s top economy wrangles over energy policy following Japan’s nuclear disaster. “Recent developments have again brought home to us the efforts we

Superbug Found In New Delhi Water

A deadly superbug was found in about a quarter of water samples taken from drinking supplies and puddles on the streets of New Delhi, according to a new study. Experts say it’s the latest proof that the new drug-resistant bacteria,

EU Warns Climate Talks Too Slow

The European Union warned Friday that diplomacy on climate change was moving too slowly after UN-led talks in Bangkok eked out an agreement on an agenda for further negotiations this year. “Our overall sense is things are moving slow, too

Former Eco Minister Admits Fiddle

Former environment minister Elliot Morley has pleaded guilty to dishonestly claiming £30,428 in mortgage payments on his parliamentary expenses. The ex-Labour MP for Scunthorpe – who stood down from his seat in May 2009 – is Parliament’s biggest expenses cheat.

Still No Wildlife In Sludge Zone

Wildlife has still not returned to the area in western Hungary that was devastated by the country’s worst chemical accident six months ago, the World Wildlife Fund said Wednesday. “Wildlife and fishlife were totally devastated or displaced from the area,

Jordan Grapples With Water Crisis

In its desperate efforts to battle chronic water shortages, Jordan, one of the world’s 10 driest countries, is mulling “unconventional” and “environmentally unfriendly” plans, experts say. The challenge is huge for this tiny country where desert covers 92 percent of

Chernobyl Still Contaminates Food

Radioactive fallout from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster still affects food sold in village markets in rural areas of northern Ukraine, Greenpeace campaigners said on Tuesday. The environmental group published the findings of a small investigation into food purchased from village