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EU-Asia call for climate deal

The European Union and Asia will issue a joint call for a “binding” climate change deal at a summit of nearly 50 nations next week, according to a draft of the final statement obtained by AFP on Friday. The draft

Earthquake hits eastern Romania

BUCHAREST, Romania — Officials say a moderate 4.6 magnitude earthquake has rattled eastern Romania. The Romanian Institute for Earth Physics says the quake struck Thursday morning in the Vrancea region some 120 kilometres (75 miles ) northeast of Bucharest. The

UN urges recycling of rare metals

The UN’s environment chief on Wednesday called for a global drive to recycle rare metals that have hit the headlines in a spat between Japan and China, warning that they are crucial for green technologies. Achim Steiner, executive director of

20% of all plants face Extinction

More than a fifth of the world’s plant species faces the threat of extinction, a trend with potentially catastrophic effects for life on Earth, according to research released on Wednesday. But a separate study cautioned that extinction of mammals had

Climate change deal years away

The legally binding treaty which many had hoped would be achieved at last year’s Copenhagen summit will not be achieved for several years, an expert has warned. Michael Jacobs, who served as Gordon Brown’s special adviser on climate change, told

Big brands and the eco-revolution

Poisonous pesticides, soil pollution and water waste: high-street fashion has a lot to answer for in the environmental game. But can big brands use their global clout to drive the green revolution? If green is the new black on the

Greenpeace in oil ship protest

Environmental activists have swum in front of an oil drill ship in a fresh attempt to halt its operations. Greenpeace said campaigners wearing drysuits dived into the North Sea one day after legal threats put an end to earlier action

Greenpeace ends Oil Ship Protest

Greenpeace campaigners who attached themselves to an oil drilling ship in the North Sea ended their protest Saturday after the ship’s operator, Chevron, won a court injunction ordering them to leave. Activists for the environmental group had boarded the Stenna

Protests over trash in Naples

Police clashed with citizens opposing the use of a rubbish dump as hundreds of tons of waste piled up on Naples’s streets Friday, three years after a trash crisis hit the southern Italian city. A strike by refuse collectors fearing

Atlantic pollution falls, acidity up

Efforts to clean up and protect the North East Atlantic have made some progress since 2000 but new threats are looming such as ocean acidification linked to climate change, a study said on Thursday. The report, by the OSPAR Commission