Greenpeace ends Oil Ship Protest

Greenpeace campaigners who attached themselves to an oil drilling ship in the North Sea ended their protest Saturday after the ship’s operator, Chevron, won a court injunction ordering them to leave.

Activists for the environmental group had boarded the Stenna Carron ship, anchored off the Shetland Isles, on Tuesday in protest against the risks of deepwater drilling, as evidenced by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

US energy giant Chevron was granted a court injunction late Friday ordering the campaigners to move on safety grounds or face fines and potentially jail.

A Greenpeace spokesman, Ben Stewart, said the protest ended shortly before 5 pm (1600 GMT).

Speaking from the Greenpeace vessel Esperanza, located near the oil ship, he said: “The occupation is over but we are staying in the area and will continue to bear witness to what Chevron are doing here.”

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