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Japan Heatwave Kills 170, Sends More Than 54,000 To Hospital

Tokyo (AFP) Sept 14, 2010 – At least 170 people have died from heatstroke and more than 54,000 have been rushed to hospital in Japan’s hottest summer on record, the government said Tuesday. The Fire and Disaster Management Agency said

Arctic sea ice shrinks to third lowest area on record

Arctic sea ice melted over the summer to cover the third smallest area on record, US researchers said Wednesday, warning global warming could leave the region ice free in the month of September 2030. At the end of the spring

Home of “Ice Giants” thaws, shows pre-Viking hunts

Climate change is exposing reindeer hunting gear used by the Vikings’ ancestors faster than archaeologists can collect it from ice thawing in northern Europe’s highest mountains. “It’s like a time machine…the ice has not been this small for many, many

Rapidly Melting sea ice forces tens of thousands of walruses ashore in Alaska

WASHINGTON — Tens of thousands of walruses have come ashore in northwest Alaska because the sea ice they normally rest on has melted. U.S. government scientists say this massive move to shore by walruses is unusual in the United States.

Turkey’s Ararat glaciers shrink

The glaciers atop Mount Ararat, the peak in eastern Turkey where Noah’s Ark is believed by devotees to have settled after the biblical flood, have shrunk by 30 percent in surface area over the last 30 years, a researcher said

Japan endures hottest summer ever

Japan has endured its hottest summer since records began in 1898, the meteorological agency said Wednesday, during a heatwave that saw thousands of people taken to hospital suffering heatstroke. The average temperature nationwide between June and August was 1.64 degrees

Warmer temperatures in China to reduce crop yields

With the climate set to get warmer from greenhouse gases, Chinese scientists predicted on Thursday that freshwater for agriculture will shrink further in China, reducing crop yields in the years ahead. In a paper published in Nature, they said the

NZ glacier sheds 50m tonnes of ice

Up to 50 million tonnes of ice has fallen off New Zealand’s largest glacier. The Tasman glacier has changed from a U shape to an L after shedding the ice. Mount Cook Alpine Village general manager Denis Calleson says a

Russian heat wave dents hopes of climate “winners”

Russia’s summer heat wave has dimmed prospects that northern countries will “win” from climate change thanks to factors such as longer crop-growing seasons or fewer deaths from winter cold, experts say. Canada, Nordic countries and Russia have been portrayed as

Thousands of Muscovites dead from heat in July

MOSCOW, Aug 17 (Reuters) – Over five thousand Muscovites have died in July alone from this year’s unprecedented heatwave and August could add more fatalities, a Russian scientist said on Tuesday. Moscow, a metropolis of over 10 million people, has