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NOAA: This year warmest on record so far

So far, this has been the hottest year in recorded history. On Friday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released new data showing that, from January to July, the average global temperature was 58.1 degrees. That was 1.22 degrees over

Giant Greenland iceberg a climate ‘warning sign’

A giant iceberg that snapped away from Greenland last week is a signal that global warming is causing the island’s continent-sized ice cap to melt faster than expected, scientists say. The 250-square-kilometre (100-square-mile) chunk, four times the size of Manhattan,

Greenpeace expected massive break-off from Greenland glacier

Environmental watchdog Greenpeace said Thursday it was expecting the disintegration of the Petermann glacier in north-western Greenland, from which a massive ice island four times the size of Manhattan broke off earlier this month. “We had been expecting since last

Rapid Warming of Permafrost

Permafrost warming continues throughout a wide swath of the Northern Hemisphere, according to a team of scientists assembled during the recent International Polar Year. Their extensive findings, published in the April-June 2010 edition of Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, describe the

Ice island breaks from Greenland

An ice island measuring 260 square kilometres broke off from one of Greenland’s two main glaciers, scientists say, the biggest such event in the Arctic in nearly 50 years. The new ice island, which broke off on Thursday, will enter

NZ Tourists warned of “tsunami”

Tourists at the Tasman Glacier near Mt Cook have been warned that heavy rain in the area is likely to lead to a huge iceberg in its terminal lake “calving” – breaking off explosively and sending water surging down the

Global Warming Undeniable

Melting glaciers, more humid air and eight other key indicators show that global warming is undeniable, scientists said on Wednesday, citing a new comprehensive review of the last decade of climate data. Without addressing why this is happening, the researchers

Australia: 2009 Hottest year ever

A report on the world’s climate has confirmed that 2009 was one of Australia’s hottest years on record and provides more evidence of global warming. Three hundred scientists from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association compiled the report, which

Dozens die in Japan heatwave

A heatwave in Japan is being blamed for more than 60 deaths as more than 15,000 people have needed hospital treatment. With temperatures soaring past 35 degrees Celsius in most of the country, sales of beer and air conditioners have

African lake warmest in 1,500 years

Africa’s Lake Tanganyika, the second-oldest and second-deepest lake on Earth, is warmer now than it has been in 1,500 years, scientists say. Experiencing unprecedented warming during the last century, the lake’s surface waters are the warmest on record, reported