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Yellowstone Volcano Rising Rapidly

The huge volcano under Yellowstone National Park has been rising at an unprecedented rate during the past several years, according to a new study. In the ancient past, the Yellowstone volcano produced some of the biggest-known continental eruptions, but the

Strong Quake Hits Mount St. Helens

A 4.3 magnitude earthquake hit Mount St. Helens at 10:35 a.m. yesterday on the east side of Spirit Lake. “This one here was a very short one,” said Mike Moss, director of Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor Center in Toutle, located approximately

Iceland’s Bardabunga Ready To Blow

Researchers say Iceland’s second-largest volcano seems ready to erupt and might create an ash cloud bigger than one that disrupted European air travel in 2010. Geologists say an increased swarm of earthquakes around the Bardarbunga volcano tell them there is

Two Volcanoes Erupt In Japan

Two volcanoes on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu erupted on Tuesday. A volcano at Sakurajima, the Minamidake crater, erupted early Tuesday followed by an eruption at Shinmoedake in the afternoon. Shinmoedake erupted for the first time in 52 years last

Lahar Mudflow Attracts Tourists

Magelang. Tourists, apparently, are finding the devastating flow of volcanic mud in the area more interesting than Indonesia’s world-famous Borobudur temple. Temple officials on Friday said that the volcanic mud, or lahar, which has displaced more than 4,000 people and

Krakatau Erupts Residents Evacuate

The South Lampung Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) is set to evacuate tens of thousands of residents in seven districts in the regency following continuous volcanic ash emissions from Mount Anak Krakatau over the past several days. South Lampung BPBD head

Indonesia: The Year of Disasters

Straddling the Pacific Ring of Fire, Indonesia lays claim to 150 active volcanoes — more than any other country. But that distinction also means the country is particularly prone to a range of natural disasters running the gamut from volcanic

Guatemala Volcano Ready to Blow

One of Guatemala’s active volcanoes, Fuego, is rumbling at a greater-than-usual rate, the emergency services office said Saturday. The volcano is seeing 12-15 small explosive events per hour, the office said, citing a report from the National Seismological Institute.

Indonesia Starts Disaster Tourism

Indonesia appeals to visitors with tropical beaches, beautiful mountains, spectacular reefs and exotic cultures. But now the country, which lies along the Pacific Rim of Fire and suffers from frequent natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions, is

Merapi Artist Sells Ash as Souvenirs

JAKARTA, Indonesia — An Indonesian artist is selling tourist souvenirs of ash from the country’s most volatile volcano to raise money for victims of its eruptions. The English-language daily The Jakarta Globe reported Monday that Agus Budi Setiawan is selling

Volcano Erupts in Central Ecuador

QUITO — Ecuadorean villagers fled their homes after the Andean country’s “Throat of Fire” volcano erupted Saturday, spewing rocks, gas and ash that prompted officials to declare a maximum alert for nearby communities. People living within 8 miles of the

Indonesia Downgrades Merapi Alert

Indonesian scientists have downgraded the alert status of Mount Merapi from its highest level after it killed more than 320 people in a series of violent eruptions that started in late October. “The decision was taken this morning at 9:00am

Bromo Slows but Still Red Alert

Jakarta. After erupting for several days, prompting the government’s highest volcano alert status, Mount Bromo has finally started to simmer down, a volcanologist confirmed on Tuesday. “There are many indications that Bromo’s activity is becoming relatively calm,” Gede Suantika, the

Yogyakarta a State of Emergency

Yogyakarta. Mayor Herry Zudianto on Tuesday declared the city was under disaster emergency status after lahar, or cold volcanic mud, from Mount Merapi flowed through the Code River and inundated hundreds of houses, forcing thousands of residents to evacuate. “This

Merapi Homeless to move Islands

(Reuters) – Tens of thousands of Indonesians who fled their homes to escape an erupting volcano have been offered the chance to start anew on a less populated island, authorities said on Tuesday. Around 60,000 people are living in temporary

Volcanic Mud Flow Hits Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta. Hundreds of people in Indonesia have fled their homes to escape fast-moving mudflows streaming down the slopes of the country’s most volatile volcano. Disaster official Slamet Sugiono says those affected live along the banks of the Code River, which