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Rudd Wants Global Disaster Force

Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd on Wednesday called for world governments to establish an international disaster response team following a string of earthquakes, floods and cyclones. Rudd said international search and rescue crews were slow to mobilise after February’s New

Toyota Shutdowns Inevitable

NEW YORK (AFP) – Toyota said Monday that stopping some production in its US car plants was inevitable after Japan’s earthquake and tsunami crippled the supply of parts. Mike Goss, a spokesman Toyota US, said some shutdowns were “inevitable” but

Nuclear Crisis Fuels Climate Change

A global slowdown in the growth of nuclear power in reaction to the Japan crisis will seriously hamper the fight against climate change, a top International Energy Agency (IEA) official said Monday. IEA chief economist Fatih Birol told AFP that

UN Climate Talks Start In Bangkok

The first UN climate talks of the year in Bangkok this week look to hammer out tough details of a global pact that has offered hope in the fight against global warming. The six days of talks, which begin Sunday

Japan PM To Visit Nuke Zone

Japan’s prime minister is travelling to the country’s nuclear disaster zone as workers continue to brave radiation from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant to battle the world’s worst atomic crisis since Chernobyl. Naoto Kan is due to visit a sports

EU To Ban Cars From Cities By 2050

The European Union has planned to ban all petrol and diesel cars by 2050, and replace them with alternatives such as electric and hydrogen powered vehicles. Recently unveiled EU strategy states, “By 2050, key goals will include: No more conventionally

Five Countries Join Euro-Amazon

Five central European countries signed an accord to launch a cross-border nature reserve in an area known as Europe’s Amazon at a meeting of environmental ministers that ended Saturday. The declaration signed by Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovenia paves

Earth Hour Circles The Globe

Hundreds of landmark buildings and millions of ordinary homes have switched off their lights as the annual Earth Hour moved around the globe. Australia’s Opera House was the first of many global landmarks to go dark as the event got

44% Americans Say It’s The End Times

According to just over half of Americans, God is in control of everything that happens on Earth. But slightly fewer are willing to blame an omnipotent power for natural disasters such as Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. A new poll finds

More Tests & Bans For Japan Exports

Germany and Britain are among European Union countries that have imposed extra checks on food imports such as fish and soy sauce from Japan for radioactive contamination, food regulators say. The moves come the day after the United States became

Kenya Biofuel Project Opposed

Environmental goups Wednesday protested an expansive project to grow jatropha in Kenya for biofuels, arguing that such production would emit more carbon than fossil fuels. The Kenyan franchise of Italy’s Nuove Iniziative Industriali is planning to farm 50,000 hectares of

Nuclear Power Here To Stay Says EU

Nuclear energy is here to stay so European Union leaders need to spell out clearly how to revamp safety guidelines at a key summit, the bloc’s energy commissioner said Wednesday. “We are looking for clear instructions from EU leaders meeting

Bulgaria To Stress Test Nuke Plant

SOFIA (AFP) – Bulgaria launched preparations Tuesday for a “stress test” of its sole nuclear power plant at Kozloduy, following EU safety concerns brought on by Japan’s tsunami-damaged nuclear plant. The checks at the two 1,000-megawatt reactors at Kozloduy will

Anti Nuclear Demos Across Spain

Hundreds of people took part in protests held across Spain Thursday to demand the closure of the country’s six nuclear power stations after Japan’s nuclear accident following a massive earthquake. Demonstrators, many wearing masks or holding signs that read “No

Emperor Akihito Addresses Japan

SENDAI, Japan (AFP) – Japan’s emperor gave a rare address to a jittery nation Wednesday as a nuclear emergency deepened and millions struggled in desperate conditions after last week’s quake and tsunami disaster. The television appearance by Emperor Akihito emphasised

Singapore Opens Renewables Plant

Finnish firm Neste Oil opened the world’s biggest renewable diesel plant in Singapore on Tuesday, taking advantage of massive palm oil production in nearby Malaysia and Indonesia. Clean diesel produced from the 550 million-euro ($769 million) plant using feedstocks such