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Greenpeace Activists Arrested

Six Greenpeace activists have been arrested after climbing a crane at an inner Sydney construction site the group says is using illegal timber. The activists scaled the crane at the Central Park development on Broadway about 7:00am, unfurling a banner

Monckton Defends Lord Title

..High-profile climate change sceptic Lord Monckton has reacted defiantly to a request from London to stop claiming to be a member of the House of Lords, telling the chamber to “get used to it”. The outspoken Monckton inherited his title

India’s Food Security Crisis

The proposed introduction of the Food Security Act by the UPA Government is a welcome and much needed step towards securing the right to food for all of India’s citizens. The right to food is the basis of the right

Poland Says No To Nuclear

..Poland should turn to offshore wind farms for safer, cheaper energy and more jobs instead of pushing ahead with plans to build its first nuclear power facility by 2020, a study said on Wednesday. “Either we’ll choose the dangerous atom

It’s The End Of Taiwan. No It isn’t…

A self-styled Taiwanese “prophet” has been convicted of “spreading rumours” when he said a monster earthquake would destroy the island last month, a court said. Wang Chao-hung was fined $Tw40,000 ($1,313), a court said.

Climate To Destroy The Economy

Video Report: Former Greenpeace chief Paul Gilding and columnist Thomas Friedman say economic growth is dead in a post-climate change world.

New Date For The End Of The World

Evangelical priest Harold Camping has set a new date for the world’s end as he backtracked from a prediction that ‘Judgement Day’ was supposed to come last Saturday. The US Christian, who made headlines for his outlandish claim that a

Obama Vows To Restore The Gulf

Mourners bowed their heads at vigils Wednesday to mark the first anniversary of the massive blowout on BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig, which unleashed the biggest maritime oil spill in history and blackened beaches from Texas to Florida. President Barack Obama

Italy Halts Nuclear Programme

Italy’s Senate on Wednesday approved a proposal to halt plans to return to nuclear power following the disaster in Japan, as a top minister said Rome would seek guidance from the European Union on the way forward. The government’s proposal

Toyota Cuts Prodction In The US

CHICAGO (AFP) – Japanese automaker Toyota on Tuesday extended production cuts at its North American plants in the wake of supply shortages following the devastating March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The announcement came a day after Toyota resumed

Asia Reactors Face Tsunami Risk

JAKARTA, Indonesia – The skeleton of what will soon be one of the world’s biggest nuclear plants is slowly taking shape along China’s southeastern coast — right on the doorstep of Hong Kong’s bustling metropolis. Three other facilities nearby are

Japan Proposes Earthquake Tax

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese consumers may have to help foot the reconstruction bill after last month’s earthquake and tsunami caused $300 billion of damage, further burdening the hugely indebted economy, a newspaper said on Tuesday. It would be the first

John Hirst Receives Death Threats

The head of the Met Office has revealed that he has received death threats from climate change sceptics. John Hirst, the organisation’s chief executive, made the revelation during a talk to climate scientists and economists about the organisation’s work.

Germany Approves CO2 Storage

Germany’s cabinet approved a draft law on storing carbon dioxide underground on Wednesday after months of debate as Europe’s top economy wrangles over energy policy following Japan’s nuclear disaster. “Recent developments have again brought home to us the efforts we

EU Warns Climate Talks Too Slow

The European Union warned Friday that diplomacy on climate change was moving too slowly after UN-led talks in Bangkok eked out an agreement on an agenda for further negotiations this year. “Our overall sense is things are moving slow, too

Former Eco Minister Admits Fiddle

Former environment minister Elliot Morley has pleaded guilty to dishonestly claiming £30,428 in mortgage payments on his parliamentary expenses. The ex-Labour MP for Scunthorpe – who stood down from his seat in May 2009 – is Parliament’s biggest expenses cheat.