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New Japan Earthquake Footage

Video Report: The rescue and recovery is well underway in Japan following the strongest earthquake and tsunami in the nation’s recorded history. Damage is massive and widespread.

Incredible Japan Tsunami Animation

Video Report: Watch this incredible animation of the Japan tsunami as it wrapped itself around the Australian coast and hit California.

Tsunami Survivor Clung To Roof

Video Report: A 60-year-old man has survived the Japan tsunami after clinging to his roof for two days.

Japan Tsunami New Video Footage

Video Report: Extraordinary new footage of Japan Tsunami.

Japan Tsunami Before & After

Video Report: Added On March 12, 2011 Japanese broadcaster NHK shows devastating images of before and after the quake struck.

Tsunami Rushes Through Kesennuma

Video Report: New footage from Japan emerged of the tsunami hitting a town in the Miyagi Prefecture.

Japan Tsunami Hits United States

Video Report: A tsunami caused by the Japanese earthquake caused damage in Hawaii, and along the West Coast.

Tsunami Swamps Sendai Airport

Video Report: An 8.9 magnitude caused a tsunami that covered the airport in Sendai, Japan.

Japan Quake & Tsunami Timeline

Video Report: Timeline of Japanese quake and tsunami March 12, 2011A massive deadly earthquake impacted Japan Friday which then triggered a devastating tsunami. Here is a look at the timeline of events.

Torrential Rain Floods Queensland

Video Report: Australia’s cyclone-ravaged state of Queensland was hit by torrential rain and flooding again this week. A forty-two year old woman died when she was swept from her car by raging floodwaters.

Kilauea Eruption Spectacular Video

Video Report: Scientists say the Pu’u O’o crater floor collapsed and an eruption occurred along the middle of Kilauea Volcano’s east rift zone on Saturday. Lava erupted up to 65 feet high. Freelance videographer Mick Kalber shot this amazing aerial

Security Cam Catches Tornado

Video Report: The owner of Meche’s Family Drug Store in Rayne, sent us this video from his security cameras. An EF2 tornado ripped through town on Saturday, killing a young mother and injuring 12 more.

Tornado Kills One In Louisiana

Video Report: A young mother is dead, and 11 others are injured after an EF2 tornado hit Rayne, Louisiana on Saturday. The tornado packed winds of more than 110mph.

Christchurch Quake Horror Video

Video Report: Up to 400 people are either dead or missing in the 6.3-magnitude earthquake that hit Christchurch. This video captured the horror as it happened.

Christchurch Quake In Raw Video

Video Report: A 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch, causing buildings to collapse, burying vehicles under debris, and sending rescuers scrambling to help trapped people amid reports of many deaths.

South Korea Hit By “Snow Bomb”

Video Report: South Korea mobilized thousands of government workers and troops Monday. This time, the enemy was record snowfall in the country’s northeastern province of Gangwon.