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Wild Weather Hits The US Mid South

Video Report: This week we have seen record breaking snow and cold temperatures across part of the Mid South. We have also seen some amazing video.

Whalers And Activists Clash At Sea

Video Report: Japanese whalers release video of what they say is Sea Shepherd Conservation Society attacking a ship. Maryam Ishani reports.

Drought Ravages North Kenya

Video Report: Millions of people in northern Kenya are facing hunger and an uncertain future, as a drought continues to destroy their crops and livestock. And forecasters expect the dry spell to last at least two more months.

A Roof Collapse Epidemic

Video Report: All the snow, ice and freezing rain we’ve seen this winter has led to alot of collapsed roofs, and when you look at just how heavy some snow can be you can understandy why.

Raw. Cars Float Away In Australia

Video Report: Flooding in the Australian state of Queensland forced many residents in Brisbane, to flee as rising rivers posed a threat to homes and businesses.

Major Flooding Hits Germany

Video Report: After the big freeze of December, Germany braces itself for flooding as rising temperatures cause snow to melt.

New Storm Forecast for Queensland

Video Report: A severe thunderstorm threatening flash floods has been forecast for the already badly inundated Australian state of Queensland.

CO2 Causing Coral Collapse

Video Report: Researchers at the University of Miami are warning that ocean acidification in the Caribbean has become so serious that once abundant corals are heading towards extinction. Ben Gruber reports.

New York Sees Thundersnow

Video Report: Thundersnow is a rare kind of thunderstorm with snow falling instead of rain. As this NBC news crew found out, the thunder and lightning can be just as spectacular. Please note there is no comentary with this video.

2010: The Deadliest Year Yet

Video Report: Quakes, floods, blizzards, heat waves, and other natural disasters took more lives in 2010 than terrorist attacks in the last 40 years combined. Here’s a look at the events that took nearly 260,000 lives in one year.

Powerful Storms Pound California

Video Report: One powerful storm after another continues to pound California. By Wednesday night, an additional 6-12 inches of rain threaten Southern California with more flooding and mudslides.

Religious Offerings Pollute Ganges

Video Report: Residents living along the historic Ganges River in eastern India complain water pollution is on the rise. David Botti reports.

Inside The Doomsday Vault

Video Report: You may have heard of the ‘Doomsday Vault’ hidden away in Norway – but do you know what’s inside? Time to find out…

Lighthouse Covered in Ice

Video Report: Frigid wind is blowing water spray onto the Cleveland Harbor lighthouse at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, covering them in ice.

Asylum Seekers Killed as Boat Sinks

Video Report: Up to 50 asylum seekers are feared dead after a boat crashed into rocks on an island off Australia’s coast, the Flying Doctors Service has said.

Snow Storm Blankets Lebanon

Video Report: Severe storms shroud Lebanon’s mountains in snow, while coastal regions are slammed by high seas and heavy winds.