Dengue Fever Hits Queensland

The number of cases of dengue fever in cyclone-hit north Queensland has more than doubled this week.

Authorities say they have identified 15 cases of the mosquito-borne illness in East Innisfail. Two different strains are present in the town.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council Deputy Mayor Mark Nolan says eight people are in hospital in Innisfail because of the disease and there are fears it may spread.

“So far they are all locals, but because there is an influx of volunteers and other agencies in the area helping with the [cyclone] recovery we fear it may spread,” he said.

About a dozen other people are waiting for test results.

Mr Nolan says there were 10 type-two dengue cases and five type-four cases in Innisfail.

A person infected with one type of the virus would not be immune to another type.

Symptoms range from a sudden onset of fever, intense headaches, muscle and joint pain and in severe cases haemorrhagic fever.

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