5.0 Earthquake Shakes Uganda

Kampala — An earth tremor yesterday shook parts of Uganda, especially around the Lake Albert region, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported.

The earthquake measuring a magnitude of 5.0 occurred at 6:25 am (Ugandan time.) USGS reported yesterday that the quake had also shaken parts of Masindi, Bunia in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nairobi in Kenya. USGS, however, did not say if the earthquake has caused any damage to the areas where they had occurred.

Earthquake-Report.com, an earthquake reporting website described the tremor in Uganda as “moderately dangerous”, but did not give details. Earthquakes are not very common in Uganda but the western region of the country has over the years been more prone to it.

Many parts of the world have in recent years been rocked by earthquakes with the latest case being Japan the 8.9-magnitute tremor struck on Friday, March 11 off the Coast of Honshu Island in the north east of the capital Tokyo.

Experts have reported that the Japan quake that has killed thousands of people is nearly 8,000 times stronger than last month’s quake in New Zealand.