It’s The End Of Taiwan. No It isn’t…

A self-styled Taiwanese “prophet” has been convicted of “spreading rumours” when he said a monster earthquake would destroy the island last month, a court said.

Wang Chao-hung was fined $Tw40,000 ($1,313), a court said.

Wang, better known as Teacher Wang, stirred up a media frenzy after he predicted a giant quake and tsunami would hit Taiwan on May 11, urging people to move into makeshift shelters converted from cargo containers.

Wang later claimed his remarks were misinterpreted by journalists when the catastrophe failed to materialise, but he was convicted by a district court in Nantou, central Taiwan, of spreading socially disruptive rumours.

He may face additional fraud charges as prosecutors are investigating claims that he might have cooperated with container businesses to set up a shelter village in Nantou.

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