Japan Cancels Tsunami Warning

Japan’s meteorological agency says it has cancelled an earlier tsunami warning for the country’s devastated north-east coast.

The agency earlier said a tsunami was expected to hit the Miyagi prefecture coastline after a shallow 6.5-magnitude earthquake off the coast.

But authorities now say the warning has been cancelled and there have been no reports of a tsunami arriving. There have been no reports of any damage caused by the earthquake.

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology has already said there is no threat to Australia’s coastline.

The Miyagi prefecture was devastated by the huge earthquake and tsunami that hit on March 11.

Japan is still being rocked by aftershocks following that powerful 9.0 magnitude earthquake – one of the largest in recent history.

The death toll from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami stands at more than 10,000, but it could reach as high as 18,000.