Japan Gets Nuke Updates From Media

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The Japanese government has revealed it had to learn key developments about the crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant through media reports.

The news highlights tensions between the plant’s operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co, and the Japanese government.

Speaking at a news conference today, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary said he was unaware that the cooling system at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant had been shut down manually.

Yukio Edano says he learnt about the development in today’s media reports.

He says he will seek an explanation from TEPCO about how and why the manual shutdown went ahead.

Meanwhile, the United States is maintaining its advice for its citizens to keep at least 80 kilometres away from the Fukushima nuclear plant.

But the US state department says it is now safe for US nationals to use the bullet train and motorway to transit through the area near the facility.

The Australian Government is also advising citizens not to travel to the Fukushima prefecture or to within 80 kilometres of the plant.

TEPCO had previously confirmed a meltdown occurred in reactor No. 1, with fears of similar meltdowns in reactors No. 2 and 3.

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