Last 4 welsh Miners Found Dead

The deaths of the four miners at Gleision Colliery near Swansea have been described as a “stab through the heart” of the local community.

Neath MP Peter Hain said: “This is the end we all feared but hoped against hope wouldn’t happen.

“Extraordinary courage was shown by the families right through the night, tortuous hours of waiting. We can’t imagine what they have been through.

“This has been a stab right through the heart of these local communities.

“There’s a long tradition of mining here but nobody expected the tragedies of past generations would come today.”

Mr Hain also paid tribute to the “superhuman efforts” of the rescue workers.

“At least the families can cling on to this – nobody tried harder than those rescue workers. They worked relentlessly.”

Prime Minister David Cameron described the tragedy as a “desperately, desperately sad situation”.

He said the anguish of the miners’ families was “intense”, adding: “There is going to be desperate sorrow in those families and communities as they come to terms with the loss.”

Secretary of State for Wales Cheryl Gillan said: “This has been a truly devastating day for the families of Charles, Garry, Phillip and David who have so tragically lost their lives.

“Their families told me that the unstinting compassion and support they have received from their friends, the local community and volunteers has been of great comfort to them.”

South Wales chief constable Peter Vaughan said that the conclusion of the rescue operation was “the one that none of us wanted”.

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