Locusts Hit Western Victoria

While farmers in Victoria’s Mallee say that the bulk of their locust work is done, those further south are now starting to bear the brunt.

Geoff Anderson’s property is just south of Ouyen in Victoria’s Mallee.

He’s says that locusts are now flying into his property, but at this stage the damage isn’t too bad.

Peter Gowers is a farmer from Carwarp. He also says that the locusts are not as damaging as he was expecting.

However, the situation isn’t the same further south. Julie Weir’s property is just north of Birchip, and farms barley and wheat.

She says that locusts that are banding on public land are going unsprayed, and she’s frustrated that her phone calls are going seemingly unanswered.

Russell McMurray is the state controller for locusts.

He says that individuals should contact the DPI if they feel like Councils or other land managers aren’t acting responsibly.

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