Canada Floods State of Emergency

Three areas of southwest Nova Scotia remain under a local state of emergency, and travel is difficult in that province and New Brunswick after heavy rains over the weekend caused flooding, evacuations and road and bridge closures.

Officials with Nova Scotia’s Emergency Management Office said more than 115 families have left their homes because of rising floodwaters.

States of emergency have been declared in the municipalities of Barrington, Yarmouth and Argyle.

EMO spokesman Ron Crocker said door-to-door notification is taking place in Barrington, where the Bloody Creek Bridge has been closed in Upper Clyde River.

In Yarmouth County, as many as 30 families living near a Nova Scotia Power dam on Tusket River are evacuating voluntarily. Crocker said an additional 50 families in Quinan — where the bridge collapsed and the road has flooded — are now leaving to join neighbours who left last night.

“Many of them are now moving out by boat,” Crocker told CBC News on Monday afternoon. “Aluminum boats that are taking them out small numbers at a time.”

Crocker said there is further concern about the dam in Lake Vaughan because the water level there is expected to peak at around 1 a.m.

“There are efforts by both the municipalities of Argyle and Yarmouth to get about 30 families out,” said Crocker.

There is no word of people in the northern part of Nova Scotia needing to leave their homes.

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