Iowa faces flood mayhem

Residents in the US state of Iowa are surveying the damage caused by severe flooding. At least 24,000 people have been forced from their homes and crops in the state have also been hard hit.

Russia plans Arctic military build-up

Russia has raised the stakes in the international scramble for the Arctic by announcing it will boost its military presence in the region to protect its “national interests”.

Permafrost Threatened By Rapid Melt Of Arctic Sea Ice

Simulations by global climate models show that when sea ice is in rapid decline, the rate of predicted Arctic warming over land can more than triple. The image at left shows simulated autumn temperature trends during periods of rapid sea-ice

Climate negotiators review key issues in Germany

BONN, Germany – Back when negotiators set the clock for fighting climate change, they fixed 1990 as noon. Now, as midnight approaches, there is talk of resetting the hour hand.

Salmonella Kills Florida tomato industry

THE tomato industry in Florida has collapsed and $US40 million ($42m) worth of tomatoes will rot unless the source of a Salmonella outbreak can be quickly traced, an industry official says.

Deadly tornado strikes US camp

At least four people have been killed by a tornado that devastated a boy scout camp in western Iowa. Helena Wilkinson reports.

Mexico suffers in tomato scare

Mexican farmers say they are being unfairly affected by Salmonella fears over tomatoes in the US. The US Food and Drug Administration is still searching for the source of an outbreak that has affected 17 states. David Campanale reports.

Pollution kills 10,000 a year in southern China

HONG KONG (AFP) – At least 10,000 deaths every year in Hong Kong, Macau and neighbouring southern China are caused by the area’s worsening air pollution, according to a study released Wednesday.

Six children hit by lightning as Severe Storms sweep France

Lightning struck six children in southern France as violent storms triggered mudslides and floods that damaged hundreds of homes, officials said Wednesday.

Storms, cause chaos and in Eastern Canada

OTTAWA, CANADA, (Xinhua) — A violent thunderstorm reaped havoc in eastern Canada’s Montreal city Tuesday, causing power cut for thousands of residents and overturns of trucks.

Some of the world’s deadliest natural disasters

A look at some of the deadliest natural disasters around the world in the past 40 years:

Dry river refilled by lake water

Rivers which had been dry because lakes were formed upstream by the Sichuan quake, have now been re-flooded. James Reynolds reports from Mianyang City in China. Report courtesy of

Scientists warn G8 of climate peril to food

PARIS (AFP) – Scientists from Group of Eight countries and the five biggest emerging nations urged next month’s G8 summit to ratchet up action against global warming, warning that climate change threatened food and water supplies.

Report says China consumes twice its supply

BEIJING – China consumes more than double what its natural resources can supply, a report by Chinese and international environmentalists said Tuesday.

Drought closes world’s biggest cattle ranch in Australia

The world’s largest cattle ranch has been forced to sell off its livestock and mothball operations because of the severe drought gripping much of Australia.

African landmarks at threat from global warming

JOHANNESBURG (AFP) – Some of Africa’s most famous landscapes such as snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Chad, are at risk of vanishing forever as a result of global warming, a new UN report warned Tuesday.