German Nuclear Shipment Protest

Around 2,500 people on Saturday took to the streets of Germany, organisers said, to protest against a shipment of radioactive waste from France expected next week.

Police put the number of protesters in the northern German coastal town of Greifswald at around 850 but Ulrich Soeffker, a green party representative, told AFP it was more like 2,500.

The protests were “completely peaceful,” police said.

Unphased by the chilly and rainy conditions, demonstrators waved red flags and banners emblazoned with the slogan: “Nuclear power? No thanks.”

The waste, originally from a reactor in Karlsruhe, southwest Germany, is expected to be shipped from Cadarache in southern France to a storage facility in Lubmin, northern Germany, some time next week.

Waste from research ship the “Otto Hahn” is also set to be transported but no precise date has been agreed.

A shipment of radioactive waste from France to Germany sparked mass protests, sometimes violent, last month.

Berlin has approved disputed plans to extend the life of the country’s 17 nuclear power plants well beyond the planned shut-off date of around 2020.

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