Wildfires Destroy Land in Bulgaria

Sofia: Wildfires raged in the weekend as destroyed vast forest lands. About 80 decares of low vegetation in Vitosha Nature Park and 320 decares of forest in Osogovo Mountain have burnt.

A fire was raging in the Ogosovo Mountain, close to the Zhilentsi village (West Bulgaria).

The fire burst out late on Saturday and had spread over 50-100 decares. Firemen were commission to the incident scene and tried to put down the fire, which occurred in a hardly accessible area.

Fire has burst out in Vistosha Mountain, close to the Kumata hut, Sofia Fire. The fire has spread over around 80 decares.

Four teams with Sofia Fire Department have been commissioned to put down the fire that burst out in Vitosha Mountain. The fire was raging close to the Kumata hut and is spreading over terrains with bushes and pine trees.

“The bad news is that the wind is blowing towards the forest area,” the officer on duty at Sofia Fire Department announced for FOCUS News Agency.

Sofia Fire Department has taken measures to restrict the spreading of the fire that burst out on Sunday in Vitosha Mountain, Ivan Iliev, director of the Fire Safety and Rescuing Directorate — Sofia announced.

Iliev added that 24 firemen and 4 fire trucks have been commissioned to extinguish the fire. “The road is very bad and the equipment reached the area around 1 kilometer away from the scene and people have to proceed on foot,” Commissar Ivan Iliev explained.
“Despite our warnings there are tourists that are careless and negligent and probably this is the reason for the fire today,” Iliev commented further.

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