Snowy downpour sets record

Weather experts have labelled a recent heavy downpour in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains as an exceptional rainfall event.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service is still assessing damage caused to trails after heavy rain hit alpine areas early last month.

Consultants say it was a one-in-60 year event, and it will be several weeks before they can determine the extent of damage after more rain late last week.

But the Park Service’s Regional Manager, Dave Darlington, says there is an up-side to the weather.

“I think we can all look forward to some very impressive displays of wildflowers as we move into summer,” he said.

“Some of the sub-alpine areas will be getting some pretty good displays of flowers from now until probably sometime into December.

“In the higher country, particularly above the tree-line, we’re likely to see some pretty good displays.”

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