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Doctors in climate change health warning

Failure to tackle climate change at a key UN conference in Copenhagen could be “catastrophic” for health, the heads of 18 doctors’ associations warned on Wednesday. In an exceptional joint appeal published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and The

Eathquakes rattle Cyprus, Oregon and Canada

Earthquake rattles Cyprus Cypriot authorities say a moderately strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.5 has shaken the eastern Mediterranean island. No damage or injuries have been reported. The Cyprus Geological Survey Department says the quake occurred at 9:28

Tornadoes, Wild Storms cause severe damage in Canada, kill 1

TORONTO — Violent storms carrying tornadoes tore across parts of Ontario, killing one person. There were reports of funnel clouds causing damage in at least three areas. Several buildings are damaged and trees are strewn throughout the south western Ontario

Canada hopes for break in battling fierce forest fires

The Okanagan fire remained the site of the most concentrated battle, with about 264 ground firefighters, 16 helicopters and 83 heavy equipment operators battling the blaze, which was only 30 percent controlled. With thousands of evacuees still stranded, emergency officials

Canada wild fires force thousands to flee

Thousands have been forced to flee their homes as towns are threatened by wildfires sweeping through the Canadian province of British Columbia. Firefighters have been drafted in from Australian and New Zealand to help battle the raging forest fires. They

Massive explosion of fierce forest fires ravage western Canada

Firefighters in British Columbia struggled Sunday morning to contain some 500 forest fires that have forced the evacuation of 2,700 people and left 2,300 more ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Wild Winds and a lack of humidity helped

Climate change: ‘Feedback’ triggers could amplify peril

PARIS (AFP) – New studies have warned of triggers in the natural environment, including a greenhouse-gas timebomb in Siberia and Canada, that could viciously amplify global warming. Thawing subarctic tundra could unleash billions of tonnes of gases that have been

Palin: Cause of global warming ‘doesn’t matter’

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said Tuesday that global warming is “real,” but stressed that it “kind of doesn’t matter” whether or not humans are to blame for climate change. Human activity has “contributed to the

Canada’s Arctic ice shelves break apart, drift away

OTTAWA (AFP) – Two ice shelves in Canada’s far north have lost massive sections since August while a third ice shelf now is adrift in the Arctic Ocean, said researchers Wednesday who blamed climate change.

Storms, cause chaos and in Eastern Canada

OTTAWA, CANADA, (Xinhua) — A violent thunderstorm reaped havoc in eastern Canada’s Montreal city Tuesday, causing power cut for thousands of residents and overturns of trucks.