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Pollution kills 10,000 a year in southern China

HONG KONG (AFP) – At least 10,000 deaths every year in Hong Kong, Macau and neighbouring southern China are caused by the area’s worsening air pollution, according to a study released Wednesday.

Scientists warn G8 of climate peril to food

PARIS (AFP) – Scientists from Group of Eight countries and the five biggest emerging nations urged next month’s G8 summit to ratchet up action against global warming, warning that climate change threatened food and water supplies.

Japan PM launches climate plan

TOKYO (AFP) – Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, vowing a “low-carbon revolution” against global warming, on Monday unveiled a carbon trading market to slash greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80 percent by 2050.

G8 wants 20 carbon-burying projects by 2010

AOMORI, Japan (AFP) – The Group of Eight industrial powers said Sunday they hoped to launch 20 large projects to bury greenhouse gas by 2010 and aimed to broadly deploy the technology a decade later.

CO2, methane up sharply during 2007

A U.S. government study shows global levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide increased by 19 billion tons last year, while methane rose by 27 million tons. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists said the findings are part of the agency’s annual

Human warming hobbles ancient climate cycle

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Before humans began burning fossil fuels, there was an eons-long balance between carbon dioxide emissions and Earth’s ability to absorb them, but now the planet can’t keep up, scientists said on Sunday. The finding, reported in the

Market alone can’t halt CO2 emissions: British climate official

PARIS (AFP) – A top British climate change official backed an embattled European Union scheme Friday to tax industrial carbon emissions, but also allowed for exceptions in highly competitive sectors. Adair Turner, the newly-appointed head of Britain’s Climate Change Committee,