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Scientists aim to boost Southern Ocean CO2 monitoring

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Australian scientists set sail later this week on a voyage that could lead to better data from the Southern Ocean, which plays a major role in acting as a brake on climate change. Oceans absorb vast amounts

Pollution increases 3 percent

WASHINGTON – The world pumped up its pollution of the chief man-made global warming gas last year, setting a course that could push beyond leading scientists’ projected worst-case scenario, international researchers said Thursday. The new numbers, called “scary” by some,

EU panel resists pressure to water down car emission targets

BRUSSELS (AFP) – An EU environment panel resisted pressure on Thursday from Europe’s powerful car-making industry to water down plans to force automakers to slash carbon dioxide emissions.

Mexico to host World Environment Day in June 2009

MEXICO CITY (AFP) – Mexico will host the next World Environment Day in June 2009, the head of the UN Environment Program said here Monday, praising the country’s efforts to tackle climate change.

Australia to launch ambitious global carbon capture scheme

SYDNEY (AFP) – Australia will launch a multi-million dollar international carbon capture and storage institute to fight global warming, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced Friday.

Chicago outlines plan to slash greenhouse gases

CHICAGO – Mayor Richard M. Daley has announced a plan to dramatically slash emissions of heat-trapping gases, part of an effort to fight global warming and become one of the greenest cities in the nation.

SKorea to set up first carbon trading company

SEOUL (AFP) – South Korea will set up its first carbon trading company to help regulate greenhouse gas emissions, officials said Wednesday. Korean Carbon Finance (KCF) will be set up this month with start-up capital of five billion won (4.4

Global warming unprecedented in 1,300 years

WASHINGTON — A new scientific study adds evidence that temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere fluctuated a bit over time, but that the sharp increase during the past few decades is bigger than anything in at least 1,300 years.

China biggest CO2 emitter last year

THE HAGUE (AFP) – China’s carbon dioxide emissions in 2007 were about 14 percent higher than the United States and accounted for two-thirds of the global rise, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) have said.

Climate negotiators review key issues in Germany

BONN, Germany – Back when negotiators set the clock for fighting climate change, they fixed 1990 as noon. Now, as midnight approaches, there is talk of resetting the hour hand.