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Bee mystery in Italy

The mysterious collapse of numerous bee colonies in Italy has led to growing concerns among beekeepers. It is thought that climate change may be to blame but the use of some pesticides is also being investigated. Frances Kennedy reports from

Scientists warn G8 of climate peril to food

PARIS (AFP) – Scientists from Group of Eight countries and the five biggest emerging nations urged next month’s G8 summit to ratchet up action against global warming, warning that climate change threatened food and water supplies.

Report says China consumes twice its supply

BEIJING – China consumes more than double what its natural resources can supply, a report by Chinese and international environmentalists said Tuesday.

Climate change threat to US crops and water

The US south-west, a region that is experiencing one of the fastest rates of population growth, faces dramatic challenges in the next 50 years from drought, wild fires and changing ecosystems caused by global warming, a report from the Bush

Canada House gives green light to biofuel bill

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Government legislation that will require all gasoline sold in Canada to contain 5 percent ethanol by 2010 passed the House of Commons on Wednesday.