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Indonesia forced to import rice

Indonesia will be forced to import rice in bulk and reduce exports of other commodities after extreme weather harmed agriculture over the past few months, officials said Friday. Crop yields — especially rice — were harmed when the La Nina

Pollination crisis hits India crops

A decline in pollinating insects in India is resulting in reduced vegetable yields and could limit people’s access to a nutritional diet, a study warns. Indian researchers said there was a “clear indication” that pollinator abundance was linked to productivity.

Fresh food prices could soar

A food security summit in Brisbane is hearing prices are expected to increase by up to 50 per cent over the next 10 years, making fresh food unattainable for some people. Forum chairman Professor Geoffrey Lawrence says the price of

Climate raises NZ Beef prices

Prices for New Zealand beef farmers are being boosted by global events from droughts in Argentina to bans on exporting wheat from Russia. Beef shipments from Argentina for the first seven months of this year fell by about half to

Major Global Food Crisis Ahead

BBC – The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is holding an extraordinary meeting in Rome sparked by global fears about high food prices. Are you concerned? The meeting will include Russian grain executives. Moscow banned exports after its harvest

Scientist Warns Of Global Famine

At an international agricultural biotechnology conference in Canada, an Australian scientist and journalist gave a dire keynote address Monday, warning global governments to pay greater attention to the possibility of coming global famine. “This is a big issue — it

6 Dead in Mozambique bread riot

Video Report: At least six people including two children have been killed in Mozambique during street protests over rising bread prices.

The Big Dry: ‘Wicked’ warming dries Australian rivers to historic lows

Climate change is combining with Australia’s record-breaking drought to strangle the nation’s largest river system, threatening to devastate food supplies, a report said Wednesday. The government’s Murray Darling Basin Authority said water flow was near historic lows in the system,

California facing worst drought in history

State officials reported a Sierra Nevada snowpack smaller than normal on Thursday and said California may be at the beginning of its worst drought in modern history. Residents were immediately urged to conserve water. The snowpack was about 61% of

Drought affects 7.9 Million hectares of wheat farmland in China

China’s Ministry of Agriculture said on Tuesday that lack of rainfall in major wheat-growing provinces has brought drought to 119 million mu (7.9 million hectares) of wheat farmland. The figure was 100 million mu more than the same period last

Argentina faces disaster amid devastating drought

Argentina has convened its National Farm Emergency Commission to discuss coping with the drought that has devastated production across the country, a major world food exporter. Argentina is one of the world’s top suppliers of wheat, corn, beef and soybeans

Australian military warns of climate conflict

Australia’s military has warned that global warming could create failed states across the Pacific as sea levels rise and heighten the risk of conflict over resources, according to a report. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) analysis found the military could

Spreading Bacterial Disease threatens the core of U.S. citrus crops

A botanical disease that has hit Florida and now threatens California is raising fears that the price of citrus fruits and juices will soar in coming years. Government agencies and the produce industry are working to stop the spread of

India army called in as massive floods overwhelm defences

Tue Sep 23, 2008 12:11pm IST LUCKNOW, India, Sept 23 (Reuters) – The Indian army was called in to rescue tens of thousands of stranded villagers in northern India, officials said on Tuesday, as floods destroyed homes and swamped one

FDA issues rules for genetically modified animals

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Genetically engineered animals moved closer to the dinner table on Thursday as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration made the process it will use to review new proposals public.

World’s Number of starving hits 925 million

GLOBAL numbers afflicted by acute hunger rose from 850 million to 925 million by the start of 2008 because of rising prices, the head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation said today.