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Arctic ‘methane chimneys’ raise fears of runaway climate change

Researchers say evidence suggests that the frozen seabed is perforated and is starting to leak methane, but other scientists urge caution. Scientists claim to have discovered evidence for large releases of methane into the atmosphere from frozen seabed stores off

Global Warming Apocalypse – James Lovelock

Five years ago, James Lovelock’s “The Revenge of Gaia” issued a terrifying warning: if humankind didn’t radically curtail greenhouse-gas emissions, there would, quite literally, be hell to pay. His new book out this year, “The Vanishing Face of Gaia,” says

Swine Flu Vaccine contains Toxic Metal Mercury

Video: Swine Flu vaccine has been found to contain the toxic metal Mercury

California Wild Fires form Tornadoes of Fire

Video: Recent Wild Fires in California have formed pillars of fire.

50 Dead in 7.3 Indonesian Earthquake

Video Report: At least 50 dead in Indonesian quake.

Risky schemes may be only hope for cooling planet

Video: Daft schemes proposed to cool the planet.

California wild fires double in size

Video: California wild fires have doubled in size.

Los Angeles is on fire

Video: Wild fires blowinto Los Angeles.

Tigris and Euphrates drying up. Violence predicted

Video : Tigris and Euphrates are drying up.

Toxic Brown Cloud covers Asia and Pacific

Video: Toxic brown cloud covers Asia and Pacific