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Indonesia Starts Disaster Tourism

Indonesia appeals to visitors with tropical beaches, beautiful mountains, spectacular reefs and exotic cultures. But now the country, which lies along the Pacific Rim of Fire and suffers from frequent natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions, is

Tsunami Survivors Lack Shelter

JAKARTA, 26 November 2010 (IRIN) – One month after a deadly tsunami struck Indonesia’s southern Mentawai islands, shelter for the more than 11,000 people affected remains a critical challenge, aid workers and officials say. “The most urgent need for people

Norway Gives $1m Aid to Indonesia

Norway announced US$1 million of assistance recently for the emergency relief efforts in disaster-affected areas. “In this hard time of challenges and suffering, the Norwegian government and people want to reach out to a good close friend and demonstrate our

Strong Earthquake Hits Indonesia

YOGYAKARTA (Indonesia): A 5.4-magnitude earthquake rattled the area on Tuesday afternoon, sparking fresh panic and rekindling memories of a deadly quake in Yogyakarta in 2006, but there were no reports of damage. Rescuers voiced fears for missing children lost in

Anger Grows Over Tsunami Aid Effort

North Pagai, Indonesia. Indonesian tsunami survivors complained Monday they are being forced to scavenge for wild roots because aid had not arrived a week after the wave crushed their remote villages. Indonesian officials have admitted they are struggling to care

Pamela Anderson’s Aid Gift Snubbed

Jakarta. Former “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson has donated $25,000 from a Playboy cover shoot to a charity that helps disaster victims in Indonesia, only to find her pledge of help snubbed by members of the hard-line Islamic Defenders Front. “I’ve

Chaos Leaves Tsunami Aid Rotting

Tuapejat and Sikakap. Despite being the capital of Mentawai district, tsunami relief efforts in Tuapejat are apparently in chaos, with food and medical supplies not only arriving late but also spoiling due to mishandling and negligence. The first batch of

Tsunami’s Tragic Aftermath

Video Report: CNN’s Paula Hancocks reports on the aftermath of a tsunami that struck Indonesia.

Indonesia Tsunami Toll Hits 435

Indonesia has ramped up efforts to help those on remote islands hit by a devastating tsunami as an official put the latest death toll at 435, with 110 missing and feared dead. Rescuers trying to reach isolated villages were hampered

Hiding Tsunami Victims Found Alive

Scores of people feared dead in Indonesia’s tsunami disaster zone have been found alive as rescue workers spread out to remote island communities five days after the killer wave. The discovery came as Indonesia struggled with disaster on two fronts