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Merapi Artist Sells Ash as Souvenirs

JAKARTA, Indonesia — An Indonesian artist is selling tourist souvenirs of ash from the country’s most volatile volcano to raise money for victims of its eruptions. The English-language daily The Jakarta Globe reported Monday that Agus Budi Setiawan is selling

Indonesia Downgrades Merapi Alert

Indonesian scientists have downgraded the alert status of Mount Merapi from its highest level after it killed more than 320 people in a series of violent eruptions that started in late October. “The decision was taken this morning at 9:00am

Merapi Homeless to move Islands

(Reuters) – Tens of thousands of Indonesians who fled their homes to escape an erupting volcano have been offered the chance to start anew on a less populated island, authorities said on Tuesday. Around 60,000 people are living in temporary

Volcanic Mud Flow Hits Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta. Hundreds of people in Indonesia have fled their homes to escape fast-moving mudflows streaming down the slopes of the country’s most volatile volcano. Disaster official Slamet Sugiono says those affected live along the banks of the Code River, which

Volcano Forces Airport to Close

Jakarta. A smoking volcano on Indonesia’s main island of Java has forced the closure of a local airport. Mount Bromo came back to life last week after a yearlong lull, unleashing a powerful blast of volcanic debris but causing no

New Indonesia Volcano on Red Alert

Indonesia has issued a “red alert” for an eruption at Mount Bromo volcano in eastern Java, less than a month after Mount Merapi volcano killed more than 300 people. “We raised the status of Bromo to the highest red-alert level

Merapi Spewed Hot Gas on Monday

Residents in villages on the slopes of Mt. Merapi have reported that the volcano spewed out hot gas clouds Monday night. Several residents said they had heard an explosion Monday evening, and later at around 10 p.m. they saw hot

Mount Merapi Deaths Rise to 304

MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia (AP) – The number of deaths caused by recent eruptions at Indonesia’s most volatile volcano has risen to 304. Slamet Sugiono from the National Disaster Management Agency said Sunday the toll climbed after some victims succumbed to

Anak Krakatau Eruptions Continue

SERANG: Mount Anak Krakatau saw 72 eruptions on Thursday, one eruption more compared to the previous day which saw 71, the monitoring post reported Friday. “The status is still at level II or caution status,” the post was quoted by

Flights Resumed as Volcano Slows

Indonesia’s Yogyakarta airport, which had been closed for about two weeks by the eruption of the Mount Merapi volcano, has reopened for operations, officials said. Merapi, which means “Mountain of Fire”, has killed 283 people since it began erupting last

Ash Wrecks Indonesian Farmland

Rivers of mud and rocks, and clouds of hot ash, have devastated farmland in Central Java, Indonesia. The region is short of fruit and vegetables, after a month of eruptions from Mount Merapi volcano.

Merapi Farmers Get Cash For Cows

Yogyakarta. The government has started to purchase livestock from residents forced to evacuate from the slopes of the erupting Mount Merapi. Mujilan, a resident of Hargobinangun village, in the Pakem subdistrict of Sleman in Yogyakarta, on Thursday became the first

30,000 Indonesians Trudge Home

Yogyakarta. Thousands of families returned to their villages on Monday even as scientists warned that Mount Merapi remained a threat and more bodies were found buried in the ash. Carrying their belongings on motorcycles and in pickup trucks, more than

More Bodies Found at Mount Merapi

Rescuers digging through several feet (a meter) of ash discovered nine more bodies on the slopes of Mount Merapi, whose explosive eruption a week ago buried whole villages. As confirmation of more deaths trickled in Sunday, the toll from a

Merapi Evacuees Return Home

Jakarta. Despite being advised by volunteers not to do so, evacuees in Boyolali and Klaten, Central Java, left the evacuation shelters after Mount Merapi showed a decrease in activity. About 600 evacuees left two shelters in Boyolali on Friday to

Merapi Disrupts Australian Flights

HUNDREDS of Qantas and Jetstar passengers are facing delays after services between Australia and Indonesia were disrupted by ash spewing from the nation’s most active volcano. Qantas cancelled a Sydney-Jakarta return service due to the Mount Merapi volcano, which has