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Pakistan Floods: 1 Million Stranded

The International Red Cross says that three months after devastating floods swept through Pakistan, more than a million people are still not able to return home. The Red Cross says high waters in the southern province of Sindh have kept

2010 Exceptional for Disasters

Catastrophic floods in Pakistan, wildfires in Russia, hurricanes in Mexico: 2010 has so far been an “exceptional” year for weather disasters, German reinsurance giant Munich Re have said. “This year really has been a year of weather records,” Peter Hoeppe,

Pakistan: 50,000 Sq Km of crops lost

UNITED NATIONS: An area larger than the Netherlands – 50,000 square kilometers- has been ravaged by the devastating floods in Pakistan, with over 2.2 million hectares of crops lost, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported

Pakistan: 7 Million Without Shelter

At least seven million people are still without shelter in Pakistan nearly three months after catastrophic floods devastated huge parts of the country, the United Nations has said. Torrential monsoon rains began falling in north-western Pakistan in July, causing floods

Flood victims going into debt

NOWSHERA, Pakistan – With their villages in shambles, winter on its way and government help slow to arrive, Pakistan’s flood victims are scrambling to rebuild their homes. Many are taking on debt as the price of construction materials has soared

Pakistan flood damage $9.5 billion

KARACHI (Reuters) – Pakistan’s recent floods inflicted $9.5 billion in damage to property, crops and infrastructure, according to an Asian Development Bank and World Bank assessment, Finance Ministry officials said on Wednesday. Aside from trying to cope with that direct

‘Bin Laden’ criticises flood aid

Osama bin Laden has criticised relief efforts in Pakistan and called for action against climate change in what appeared to be a new audio tape from the Al Qaeda leader. The message marks the second time in a year that

Pakistan Floods Worst Ever

Video Report: Sep 22 – World leaders discuss Pakistan recovery in New York, with Pakistan’s FM saying the country faces a ‘calamity of biblical proportions’.

Nations pledge more in Pakistan flood aid

UNITED NATIONS – Nations and groups supporting Pakistan’s democratic advances promised Sunday to give the country millions of dollars more in flood aid, but some insisted that Pakistan itself must lead the way on recovery and account publicly for all

Pakistan: Overflowing lake washes away towns, villages

DADU: Water overflowing from the Manchhar lake inundated two towns and 70 villages in Sehwan and Johi talukas on Monday. After flooding Jhangara town, the water from the lake has entered Bajara town and is now gushing towards adjoining villages

Pakistan, 1 million animals dead

Muzaffargarh, Pakistan – Floodwaters swept away Ghulam Hussain’s house in Pakistan, $1,100 in jewelry, and $400 cash in a box set aside for his daughter’s wedding. But the biggest financial blow to his family – and to many thousands of

Response to Pakistan flood disaster ‘pitifully slow’

Delegates at a United Nations conference in Melbourne have called for the international community to do more to help Pakistan deal with its flood crisis. Non-government organisations (NGO) from 70 countries are attending the conference to work on ways to

Pakistan city builds mud defence

Video Report: In southern Pakistan tens of thousands of people are fleeing a threatened flood-surge, three weeks after heavy monsoon rains first hit the country. In Shahdadkot, a makeshift 4ft mud barrier, built by the army and volunteers, is the

Struggle for food as Pakistan floods worsen

Floods are worsening in southern Pakistan, where up to 200,000 people have been forced to flee their homes in the past 36 hours. River levels are still rising in some areas and rescue teams are struggling to reach those in

4 million homeless in Pakistan

The number of people rendered homeless by the devastating floods in Pakistan has risen to more than 4 million, making the critical task of securing greater amounts of aid more urgent, the United Nations said. The UN had earlier said

Pakistan devastation unimaginable

PESHAWAR, Pakistan, 17 August 2010 — UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia Daniel Toole visited Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province this week to survey the devastation caused by the country’s severe flooding. Mr. Toole also reviewed the organization’s support for hundreds of