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Pakistan, 1 million animals dead

Muzaffargarh, Pakistan – Floodwaters swept away Ghulam Hussain’s house in Pakistan, $1,100 in jewelry, and $400 cash in a box set aside for his daughter’s wedding. But the biggest financial blow to his family – and to many thousands of

Response to Pakistan flood disaster ‘pitifully slow’

Delegates at a United Nations conference in Melbourne have called for the international community to do more to help Pakistan deal with its flood crisis. Non-government organisations (NGO) from 70 countries are attending the conference to work on ways to

Pakistan city builds mud defence

Video Report: In southern Pakistan tens of thousands of people are fleeing a threatened flood-surge, three weeks after heavy monsoon rains first hit the country. In Shahdadkot, a makeshift 4ft mud barrier, built by the army and volunteers, is the

Struggle for food as Pakistan floods worsen

Floods are worsening in southern Pakistan, where up to 200,000 people have been forced to flee their homes in the past 36 hours. River levels are still rising in some areas and rescue teams are struggling to reach those in

4 million homeless in Pakistan

The number of people rendered homeless by the devastating floods in Pakistan has risen to more than 4 million, making the critical task of securing greater amounts of aid more urgent, the United Nations said. The UN had earlier said

Pakistan devastation unimaginable

PESHAWAR, Pakistan, 17 August 2010 — UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia Daniel Toole visited Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province this week to survey the devastation caused by the country’s severe flooding. Mr. Toole also reviewed the organization’s support for hundreds of

Pakistan hit by strong earthquake amidst floods

Islamabad, Pakistan – A 5 magnitude earthquake hit Pakistan. Pakistan is in the middle of the worst monsoon season they have ever experienced, one fifth of Pakistan is under water and there are now fears of food shortage amongst other

20 million affected by Pakistan floods

Pakistan says 20 million people have been affected by devastating floods, six million more than previously thought, as the United Nations confirmed the first case of cholera in the country. The number of people affected had generally been counted at

Cholera strikes amid Pakistani flood disaster

SUKKUR, Pakistan – The deadly, waterborne disease cholera has surfaced in flood-ravaged Pakistan, the U.N. confirmed Saturday, adding to the misery of 20 million people the government says have been made homeless by the disaster. A fresh surge of floodwater

Food prices in Pakistan rocket

Video Report: Rescue and relief efforts push on in devastated Pakistan as food prices climb.