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Christians Arrested for Helping Sichuan Earthquake Victims

In a bizarre turn of the situation, two Chinese Christians and relief helpers of the Sichuan earthquake were arrested and tried for what officials called ‘disturbing the peace and endangering the health of others.” U.S.-based ChinaAid Association (CAA) reported Friday

China riot: 10,000 villagers clash with police over industrial pollution

Up to 10,000 Chinese villagers have clashed with police in eastern China in the latest incident in a wave of social unrest caused by fears over industrial pollution. The riot in the eastern coastal province of Fujian comes a week

5.9-magnitude earthquake jolts NW China

XINING, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) — An earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale struck remote Qinghai Province in northwest China at 6:15 p.m. Monday, the China Earthquake Administration said. There were no immediate reports of casualties or property losses. The

Strong Earthquake hits northwest China

BEIJING — A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 struck northwest China on Friday, the US Geological Survey said, sending local officials scrambling to assess possible damage in the remote mining region. The epicentre of the quake, which struck

China drought leaves 5 million short of water

BEIJING — A drought in China’s north has left nearly 5 million people short of drinking water and damaged crops, while dry weather in the south could cause more shortages, a state news agency reported Sunday. The drought has caused

China could see emissions peak in 2030: govt panel

China could see its greenhouse gas emissions peak in 2030 if it sets “quantitative” reduction targets and invests heavily in the use of clean fuel technologies, a government panel of experts has said. The recommendations from the top panel comes

China shuts factory after lead poisons children

China has closed a factory in its northwest which is suspected of causing lead poisoning in more than 300 children, state media said on Wednesday. China’s pollution and lax product safety standards have long been a source of tension and

Water crisis in parched northern China

The river has dried up, the well yields only dust, and Li Yunxi is hard pressed to irrigate his plot of land, even though he lives right next to the largest water project in history. The elderly farmer watches in

Beijing’s smog is back year after Olympics

Amid fears the city’s chronic smog could damage athlete’s health, Beijing took drastic steps to prevent that last August, moving or cleaning up polluting factories, curbing traffic, and ordering a halt to all construction work. State-of-the-art facilities like the “Bird’s

Hundreds sickened by China chemical plant

More than 500 people have been sickened by pollution from a chemical plant in central China that has also been blamed for two deaths, state media reported Monday. Health checks on nearly 3,000 people living near the plant in Liuyang

Man dies from black plague in China, 11 others infected

BEIJING — Thousands of people have been placed under quarantine in a town in northwest China after a man died of pneumonic plague and 11 others were confirmed infected with the deadly lung infection, health authorities said. The 32-year-old herdsman

China aims to increase coal production 30 pct by 2015

China is aiming to increase its coal production by about 30 percent by 2015 to meet its energy needs, the government has announced, in a move likely to fuel concerns over global warming. Beijing plans to increase annual output to

1 in 5 considering leaving Hong Kong due to pollution

One in five Hong Kong residents is considering leaving the city because of its dire air quality, a survey released Monday has found, raising fears over the financial hub’s competitiveness. The findings equate to 1.4 million residents thinking about moving

Hong Kong’s economic growth spluttering on filthy air

In recent years, a thick haze originating from factories in southern China has enveloped Hong Kong for large chunks of the year, blocking views of its famous harbour and raising health fears. Combined with the city’s home-grown pollution, scientists and

One-third of China’s Yellow River polluted

BEIJING – Newly released scientific results show one-third of the famed Yellow River, which supplies water to millions of people in northern China, is heavily polluted by industrial waste and unsafe for any use. The Yellow River, the second-longest in

‘Scores die’ in Chinese floods

Heavy rain in southern China has caused major flooding and killed more than 170 people, state media says. Daniel Griffiths reports from Beijing.