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Massive Storm Hits The Dakotas

VALE, N.C. – People from the Dakotas to North Carolina were dealing with the aftermath of a massive storm that roared across the country, unleashing dozens of tornadoes, rain, flooding and eventually snow to some places, leaving behind plenty of

4 tornadoes hit North Arizona

BELLEMONT, Ariz. – A rare swarm of tornadoes shoved semis off highways and destroyed homes in the pre-dawn darkness Wednesday, leaving startled residents wondering if they were in Arizona anymore or had woken up in the twister-prone Midwest. After one

2 Tornadoes Hit New York During Storm

NEW YORK – All over the city, witnesses compared stories of the destruction they saw — roofs peeled away, street signs uprooted, storefront windows blown out, thick tree trunks snapped in half, a parked van lifted a foot into the

Tornadoes, Wild Storms cause severe damage in Canada, kill 1

TORONTO — Violent storms carrying tornadoes tore across parts of Ontario, killing one person. There were reports of funnel clouds causing damage in at least three areas. Several buildings are damaged and trees are strewn throughout the south western Ontario