US: Heavy Snow Strands Motorists

NEW YORK (AFP) – A snowstorm blanketed the northeastern United States on Thursday, shutting down an interstate highway near Buffalo, New York and leaving motorists stranded for more than 12 hours.

Some drivers spent the night in their cars and trucks as long lines of vehicles filled Interstate 90.

Up to two feet (61 centimeters) of snow fell in some areas in just 24 hours, according to local reports.

The band of rough weather was expected to continue to affect the area through late Thursday before heading south, said the National Weather Service, which issued lake-effect snow warnings for areas on the eastern ends of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

“Lake-effect snow showers typically align themselves in bands and will likely be intense enough to drop one (2.5 centimeters) to several inches of snow per hour for several hours,” it added.

“Visibilities vary greatly and can drop to zero within minutes. Travel is strongly discouraged. Commerce could be severely impacted.”

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