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The Global Meltdown Domino Effect


The Redsky Ministry reveals 14 Catastrophic Climate Events in the Revelation of Jesus Christ which will kill 2 billion people worldwide and re-shape the world as we know it. We reveal what has been hidden for two thousand years. Are

Revelation Chapter 8 – A Third Of The World Is Struck By Burning Hail


Event 1 – Rev. Ch. 8 V 7 The year at the time of writing this is 2006. Imagine for a moment that each year for the next ten years more and more Methane is released in to the atmosphere.

Revelation Chapter 8 – Cumbre Vieja Erupts, Mega Tsunami Hits The USA


Event 2 – Rev. Ch. 8 V 8 In the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of West Africa sits Cumbre Vieja an active volcano in the Canaries. When this volcano erupts in the future it is likely that the

Revelation Chapter 8 – A Third of The World’s Water Becomes Bitter


Event 3 – Rev. Ch. 8 V 10 & 11 In the soil occur natural metals which are toxic to all life. These toxic metals are: Aluminium, Arsenic, Beryllium, Cadmium, Copper, Lead, Mercury and Nickel. Under normal circumstances, they are

Revelation Chapter 8 – Yellowstone Erupts, A Third Of The World Is Dark


Event 4 – Rev. Ch. 8 V 12 In various places around the world are what are known as super volcanoes. One super volcano that is attracting a lot of nervous attention at the moment is in Yellowstone National Park.

Revelation Chapter 9 – Plagues of Mutated Locusts Attack Humans


Event 5 – Rev. Ch. 9 V 1 – 5 Locusts have always been a problem but never to the degree that they are today. As temperatures have increased, locusts have moved with the climate and are now causing havoc

Revelation Chapter 9 – Burning Sulphur Destroys A Third Of Mankind


Event 6 – Rev. Ch. 9 V 13 – 18 South of the Dead Sea in Israel are the remains of 5 cities. The Bible tells us that 4000 years ago these 5 cities and the entire surrounding land were

Revelation Chapter 11 – Massive Earthquake Levels 1/10th Jerusalem


Event 7 – Rev. Ch. 11 V 13 Over the centuries there have been many earthquakes in the Middle East. Earthquakes are confined to the earth’s crust. Most occur within 40 miles of the surface though a few extend ten

Revelation Chapter 16 – Fruit & Vegetable Famine – Scurvy Breaks Out


Event 8 – Rev. Ch. 16 V 1 – 2 Due to the events that have already taken place, we have seen a massive build up of Sulphuric acid and Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This in turn has increased

Revelation Chapter 16 – The World’s Oceans Turn To Blood


Event 9 – Rev. Ch. 16 V 3 We have already touched on this subject in Event 2 “Cumbre Vieja.” This phenomenon is called a “Red Tide” which is slightly odd as it has nothing to do with tides. In