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Jakarta Mussels Have Toxic Metals


Authorities in Jakarta are no longer issuing permits to farmers to harvest green mussels because water pollution levels are so high. At the same time, they are trying to encourage farmers to switch to catfish farming or move their operations

Famine Crisis In Africa


Humanitarian officials say the scale of the humanitarian crisis in the Horn of Africa is still huge three months after famine was declared in the region. They say the response from the international community has been strong, but local factors

Food Security To Dominate Rio Talks


Boosting energy efficiency and renewables and providing food for a future world of eight billion will dominate next year’s UN Rio+20 conference, the talks’ co-coordinator said on Thursday. The June 4-6 event in Rio de Janeiro is taking place 20

Thai Floods Affect Food Prices


SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Floods have inundated farms and some rice mills in central parts of Thailand, threatening to delay at least 300,000 tonnes of exports due for shipment mainly to Indonesia and Africa this month. Swollen rivers were hampering the

100 Million Chinese Farmer’s Exodus


BEIJING — More than 100 million Chinese farmers will move to cities by 2020, posing huge challenges for urban planners and already stretched social welfare systems, according to a new official forecast. China has seen an unprecedented wave of urbanisation

Philippine Bananas Under Threat


MANILA — A disease that has ravaged banana plantations across Southeast Asia could wipe out the Philippine industry in three years unless the government finds a cure, a growers’ group warned Monday. The disease, called Fusarium wilt, is caused by

Debt Ridden Farmers Commit Suicide

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Floods Drown Asia’s Rice Bowl


Massive floods have ravaged vast swathes of Asia’s rice bowl, threatening to further drive up food prices and adding to the burden of farmers who are among the region’s poorest, experts say. About 1.5 million hectares (3.7 million acres) of

Soil Threatens Food Security


FAO chief Jacques Diouf on Wednesday warned that pressure on the world’s soil resources and land degradation were threatening global food security. Diouf called for “a renewed international effort to assure sufficient fertile and healthy soils today and for future

Food Airlifted To Irene Victims


US National Guard helicopters began taking food and water today to towns cut off by flooding after the rainy remnants of Hurricane Irene took inland areas of New England and upstate New York by surprise. Emergency Management spokesman Mark Bosma

33 Dead In Pakistan Floods


PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Flash floods triggered by heavy monsoon rains swept through a village in northwestern Pakistan, killing 33 people and leaving dozens others missing, disaster management officials said Friday. The floods hit the remote Kundian Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Humans Need 3 Earths By 2050


The World Wild Life fund says three planets worth of natural resources will be needed by the middle of this century if current consumption rates continue. The group’s Australian CEO, Demot O’Gorman, told a meeting at Adelaide Town Hall the