Protesters Blockade Oil Refinery

Hundreds of demonstrators claim they have stopped 375,000 gallons of fuel from leaving a depot after blockading the road to an oil refinery. Police were forced to close the road after 12 women handcuffed themselves to lorries parked to deliberately

Plague Of Mosquitoes To Hit Darwin


The Northern Territory Health Department says the Top End needs to prepare for an “enormous wave” of mosquitoes. The department says an unusually wet October and very high tides have created perfect breeding conditions for saltmarsh mosquitoes. There was a

Handcuff demo over climate change

Twelve female protesters have handcuffed themselves to lorries which had been parked to deliberately block the main road leading to an oil refinery. Demonstrators drove the vehicles to the Coryton Oil Refinery in Essex in an attempt to stop traffic

Paula drops heavy rain on Cuba

HAVANA – A weakening Paula dumped heavy rains on Cuba’s capital, turning some of the streets into shallow rivers and knocking out power before sliding along the island’s northern coast. Paula was behaving far less destructively than three monster hurricanes

Cambodia Flash Floods Kill Four

PHNOM PENH (AFP) – Four Cambodians including a four-year-old boy have been swept to their deaths in flash flooding in recent days as heavy rains battered the country, officials said Saturday. Three men drowned in different affected provinces, while a

Indonesia forced to import rice

Indonesia will be forced to import rice in bulk and reduce exports of other commodities after extreme weather harmed agriculture over the past few months, officials said Friday. Crop yields — especially rice — were harmed when the La Nina

Parts of NSW disaster areas

The New South Wales Government has declared a natural disaster following floods in the state’s Riverina and South-West Slopes. The floods are part of a trend of wild weather that swept across eastern Australia overnight.

Villagers return to toxic sludge town

The Hungarian plant which caused a toxic sludge leak has reopened as villagers forced to abandon their houses begin to return home. Dozens of homes in the village of Kolontar, the closest to the plant, were made uninhabitable by the

Baltic Residents fear pollution

Many residents of the nine countries surrounding the Baltic Sea have concerns about its environment and pollution levels, but deny responsibility, a survey published Thursday showed. The BalticSurvey, for which 9,000 residents of Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Denmark, Latvia, Sweden, Estonia,

Tropical Storm Paula Hits Havana

HAVANA (Reuters) – Tropical Storm Paula weakened further on Thursday, but still packed enough punch to blast through the Cuban capital with driving rains and high winds that toppled trees, flooded streets and left large swaths of the city without

2 Million Still Homeless In Haiti


Searing images have been burned into our collective memories from the earthquake calamities and catastrophes which befell Haiti on January 12, 2010. Ten months has since passed since 300,000 people horrifically died, the passage of time has not reduced the

10 Million TB deaths in next 5 years

Ten million people will die of tuberculosis in the next five years if global funding to fight the disease is not increased, the Stop TB Partnership warned. The Partnership, a coalition of governments, non-profits, companies and international organisations, said 47