60 Schools Damaged in Queensland

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has confirmed 60 schools across the state have been significantly damaged in the flood crisis.

Ms Bligh says every effort will be made to ensure there is as little disruption to education as possible despite the widespread flood damage.

Eighty-six kindergartens and childcare centres are also inaccessible and seven TAFEs have also been damaged.

Ms Bligh says the State Government is determined that as many schools as possible will opened when the new term starts later this month.

She says it is essential that children can be with their friends and it will help parents rebuild and return to a normal life.

But the race is on now to have schools open and a normal school timeframe.

She says the Queensland Government is determined to get government services back to a normal.

“We are determined wherever possible to have school open on the normal day one of term this year,” she said.

“It is important to improving the strength and resilience of our communities that families can get kids back to school as soon as possible, children can be with their friends, and parents can get on with all the jobs associated with rebuilding.”

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