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King Tide Looms for Weary Brisbane

Residents in low-lying areas of Brisbane are once again nervous about flooding ahead of today’s king tide. The king tide will occur mid-morning and affect the flood-swollen Brisbane River and tidal creeks.

Australians Charged $10 For Bread

Some people in flood-devastated Ipswich, west of Brisbane, have reported being heavily overcharged for basic food essentials. Fair Trading Minister Peter Lawlor says shoppers in Ipswich and Rockhampton, in central Queensland, have reported that some traders are charging $10 for

Residents Flee As Levees Breached

Australia: Many of Kerang’s 3,800 residents are fleeing across the border into New South Wales after one of the levees protecting the town sprung a leak. Walls of water kilometres wide are flowing across the north and west of Victoria

Floodwaters Cut Off Dirranbandi

Dirranbandi in Queensland’s southern inland is cut off by floodwaters, but locals say the levees are holding and the town is in no danger. Premier Anna Bligh has confirmed that food drops are on the way.

Record Floods Devastate Victoria

Dozens of Victorian towns are preparing for record-breaking flood peaks, after communities were swamped by swollen rivers yesterday. So far 13,000 properties across Victoria have been flooded and 3,000 people have been forced to abandon their homes.

Floodwaters Killing 1,000’s of Fish

The massive amounts of floodwater entering Moreton Bay in Queensland has caused thousands of fish to die. All beaches on the Redcliffe Peninsula have been shut due to dead fish and debris washing ashore.

Brisbane Starts Flood Clean Up

BRISBANE, Australia (AFP) – Flood waters receded from Brisbane on Friday leaving residents to pick through putrid, treacly mud and debris to reach devastated homes and businesses, as search teams discovered another body. Australia’s third-largest city began the painful task

NSW Villages Cut Off For 6 Weeks

The New South Wales State Emergency Service (SES) says two Far West communities will be cut off by floodwaters for up to six weeks from today. Water flowing from St George in Queensland is pouring into the Culgoa, Narran and

Reservoir Bursts – Residents Flee

Australia: A reservoir has broken its banks at Beaufort in western Victoria and more than about 70 residents of the town, west of Ballarat, have been told to evacuate their homes. The State Emergency Service says the dam walls could

60 Schools Damaged in Queensland

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has confirmed 60 schools across the state have been significantly damaged in the flood crisis. Ms Bligh says every effort will be made to ensure there is as little disruption to education as possible despite the