NSW Villages Cut Off For 6 Weeks

The New South Wales State Emergency Service (SES) says two Far West communities will be cut off by floodwaters for up to six weeks from today.

Water flowing from St George in Queensland is pouring into the Culgoa, Narran and Bokhara rivers and will isolate Goodooga and Weilmoringle.

The Far West SES Region Controller, Graeme Craig, says there is a lot of water flowing into the region.

“Those two communities could be isolated for between four and six weeks so it’s a fairly significant isolation,” he said.

“The SES continues to work through its team based in Goodooga, which is looking after both Weilmoringle and Goodooga and we’ll continue to address any concerns the communities have as the isolation comes on and as it continues.”

The SES is also sending in crews to Weilmoringle to help residents make final preparations for major flooding.

Thirty people have stayed in the village, despite an evacuation order for locals to move to higher ground.

Mr Craig says a lot of farms will also be affected.

“We’re expecting more water to flow past properties and down the river systems this flood than last April,” he said.

“So while the flood peaks at St George haven’t been as high the volume of water that’s actually passing down the river systems is greater.

“So that’s actually affecting the duration of the flood.”

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