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Texas Wildfires Torch 1000 Homes

Dozens of wildfires raging in rain-starved Texas are now reported to have engulfed more than 1,000 homes. The biggest of the blazes – 16 miles (26km) wide – in rural Bastrop County, is burning out of control for a third

Wildfires Scorch Montana & Idaho

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — More than 42,000 lightning strikes were recorded across the Northern Rockies in a 36-hour period, sparking new wildfires in Montana and Idaho in addition to the dozens already burning across the region, fire officials said Tuesday.

“Drought Brides” Sold In Kenya

HABASWEIN, Kenya (TrustLaw) – “It’s done in the dark,” said Fatuma Ahmed, squatting inside her makeshift stick shelter. “Some people sell their daughters at a tender age so they can get food. It’s common but people are silent about it.”

Texas Lake Turns Blood-Red

( A Texas lake that turned blood-red this summer may not be a sign of the End Times, but probably is the end of a popular fishing and recreation spot. A drought has left the OC Fisher Reservoir in San

Children Abandoned On Roadsides

Desperate Somali mothers are abandoning their dying children by the roadside as they travel to overwhelmed emergency food centres in drought-hit eastern Africa, United Nations officials say. The UN has urged “massive” action for the drought-stricken Horn of Africa region,

Wildfires Change US National Park

..Climate change is likely to cause more frequent wildfires and may transform the forests and ecosystem of the iconic Yellowstone national park in the coming decades, a US study said Monday. Dense forests dominated by narrow lodgepole pines trees are

UN Declares Famine In Somalia

The UN officially declared famine in two southern Somalia regions Wednesday as the world slowly mobilised to save 12 million people battling hunger in the region’s worst drought in 60 years. The United States urged Al Qaeda-inspired Shebab rebels controlling

Global Effort Needed In Africa

Britain’s aid secretary has urged the global community to help people in drought-hit east Africa avoid a “catastrophe”. It comes as the UK pledged $80 million in emergency aid to help millions of people affected by the disaster. The United

Rudd Pledges Aid For Africans

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has announced Australia will contribute more than $11 million to help African drought victims. The UN says 12 million people are being affected by the worst drought to hit the Horn of Africa in nearly 60

Somalia Drought “Worst Disaster”

Doha, Qatar — The head of the United Nations refugee agency has described the situation in drought-hit Somalia as the “worst humanitarian disaster” in the world, after meeting with those affected at the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. The camp,

Texas Drought Cost $1.5 Bil So Far

LUBBOCK, Texas >> A historic drought has already cost Texas farmers and ranchers an estimated $1.5 billion, and the cost is growing daily as parched conditions persist in much of the state. May is typically the wettest month in Texas,

Wildfire Razes Canadian Town

OTTAWA — A wildfire engulfed the town of Slave Lake in western Canada, forcing the evacuation of its 7,000 residents at the start of the forest fire season, authorities said Monday. Two fires had razed 2,900 hectares of nearby forests

Forest Fire Haze Blankets Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur. Haze caused by fires burning in Indonesia blanketed parts of Malaysia on Thursday, sending air pollution at its largest port up to unhealthy levels. Skies over Kuala Lumpur were gloomy, and the Air Pollutant Index reached 104 in

90 Wildfires Rage Across Russia

MOSCOW, April 24 (Itar-Tass) — More than 90 wildfires have spread on more than 5,000 hectares in Russia, a source in the Ministry of Emergency Situations told Itar-Tass on Sunday. “For the past day 225 wildfires were registered on an

Texas Wildfires Continue To Spread

DALLAS — A massive range fire burned as much as 125 sq. miles Saturday in West Texas, and firefighters were bracing for the possibility the situation could worsen because of dry, windy conditions. The enormous fire scorching largely rural Stonewall,

Jordan Grapples With Water Crisis

In its desperate efforts to battle chronic water shortages, Jordan, one of the world’s 10 driest countries, is mulling “unconventional” and “environmentally unfriendly” plans, experts say. The challenge is huge for this tiny country where desert covers 92 percent of