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290 Wildfires Scorch Texas

COLLEGE STATION (March 7, 2011)—Extreme fire weather conditions are possible Tuesday in most of the western half of Texas, especially south of Interstate 40 and west of Interstate 35 from San Antonio to Del Rio, the Texas Forest Service said

On-Going Drought Cripples China

Yu Ruicheng’s weathered face creases with worry as she stands on her dry wheat field in eastern China, where a record drought is threatening to send soaring global food prices even higher. “If it doesn’t rain next month, we won’t

N. American Pines May Vanish

The narrow, towering lodgepole pine trees that populate North America’s western forests may disappear in the coming decades due to climate change and attacking beetles, a study said Monday. The trees are tough and adaptable, particularly in areas prone to

Drought Ravages North Kenya

Video Report: Millions of people in northern Kenya are facing hunger and an uncertain future, as a drought continues to destroy their crops and livestock. And forecasters expect the dry spell to last at least two more months.

Kenya: 5 Million To Go Hungry

Already, 1.6 million Kenyans are receiving food aid to compensate for drought and poor harvests. Government however warns the number could skyrocket to 5 million within a few months, as rains have kept failing. According to UN humanitarian sources, the

China is Running Out of Farmland

China is running out of arable farmland and water resources necessary to feed its massive population. The nation has one of the lowest ratios of arable land relative to population, and the situation has been exacerbated as industries consume scarce

China Urged To Boost Drought Aid

Local authorities are urging China’s central government to boost relief efforts amid a severe drought affecting several parts of the country. Over the past year, parts of China have seen precipitation levels fall by as much as 90 per cent,

2.5 Million Somalis Are Starving

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has asked for immediate international support for the nearly 2.5 million Somalis who are starving due to a severe drought. “Unless we will have immediate support, international support, definitely there will be a catastrophic

China Faces Desertification

Huge population pressures, scarce rainfall and climate change have made China the world’s biggest victim of desertification, a problem that could take 300 years to reverse, state media said Wednesday. Overgrazing, excessive land reclamation and inappropriate water use also make

China Hit By Severe Drought

JINAN — Shandong Province in east China is suffering its worst drought in half a century, which has left tens of thousands of people short of drinking water and huge swathes of farmland too dry to plant, authorities said Wednesday.

4,000 Acres Burn in West Texas

LUBBOCK, Texas — Dozens of firefighters battled wildfires in Floyd, Lamb and Hale counties that threatened some homes but left nobody injured. KCBD-TV reported that as of Thursday more than 4,000 acres of grassland, in the three counties north of

Drought Spreads in New Zealand

An official drought already declared for Northland could spread to much of the upper North Island by Christmas. Federated Farmers and Ministry of Agriculture representatives met this week to determine whether a wider drought should be declared. December 22 was

Texas Heading for Severe Drought

State climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon told the Houston Chronicle that continuing dry weather is likely to persist at least into the spring. Nielsen-Gammon, who’s also a professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University, says “it’s probably going to get worse

Round Up: Blizzards, Floods and Fire

Video Report: Europe is experiencing some wild weather from flooding to snow to a wildfire.

Deadly Israel Fire Extinguished

A forest fire that killed 42 people in northern Israel’s Carmel region has been extinguished, Israeli police said. Efforts to beat down the blaze, which erupted on Thursday, were helped by overnight rains, a rarity in a parched winter for

Residents Flee Lebanon Bushfire

Firefighters in Lebanon are battling a forest blaze that has raged out of control for the past week. As an international flotilla of firefighting planes in neighbouring Israel finally brought the largest fire in that nation’s history under control after